2016 Hair Trend: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Hair

By now we all know that Rose Quartz is one of the official colors of the year dubbed by Pantone Color. While we have all seen the blue/purple hair phase rush in and out we haven’t seen a rose quartz hair trend yet. Highlighting, dipping, dying, or two-toning your hair with the rosy pink color is the latest craze. We’re predicting that 2016 may be the year of the rose quartz hair color trend.

We have all witnessed rockers, singers, models, and young starlets rock the pinkish hued hair color. This year, hair experts like the ones over at eSalon, are calling for a rise in pink, purple, blue, and peach aka ‘mermaid hair’ within the course of this year. Why? Ladies are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of venturing outside the typical hair color dye box. The options to dye your hair rose quartz are limitless. You can go for a blonde/strawberry all over color, pink dipped tips, or a few pastel colored highlights.

Hair colorists at eSalon agree that not all women are up to taking the pink hair plunge. However, thwy do recommend for those who are shy to ease into the trend to start by taking a subtle approach. eSalon insists that women, “May be interested by enhancing the warmth of their hair. The addition of golden coppers into the hair works wonderfully for blondes to deep browns. It creates a beautiful softness to the hair, with a kiss of red undertone.”

Gradually or lightly incorporating the pink-ish rose-colored hair fad into your daily look may be the way to go if you are a bit timid to go all pink. However, if you are really ready to think pink and need a little inspiration a few celebrities have already taken the pink hair plunge:

While, you may notice all these celebs have taken the pink hair trend to the extremes-you can pull it off too. We pinky promise! Head colorist at eSalon, Estell Baumhauer, states, “Since both of these shades [serenity blue and rose quartz] make such big statements, I think we may see more understated hairstyles such as free-flowing, beachy waves, or pin straight hair. Wearing the hair down will allow the all over color to standout. I also predict we’ll see pastel peach, mint, and purple to start pop up everywhere inspired by these soft shades.”

For a quick hair trend fix, L’Oreal Paris has bottled the Pantone color hair inspired phenomenon. They have a new line of at home hair dye in a wide range of pastels. You guessed it, Smokey Pink, P2 is one of the line’s biggest sellers. Reviews are in and users are flattered with the fun and on point hair color as it offers 3x the highlights with a shimmering shine finish. Other colors in the line are a smokey purple/blue shade and a brilliant white blonde hued color kit. Long gone are the days of being a brilliant brunette or a glowing blonde. To standout or rather blend in you are going to have to jump on the rose quartz/pastel hair coloring wagon.

We are in..are you?