3 Tips For Glowing Winter Skin

Good morning, Sloanies! We have a special treat for you today. A guest post from one of our faves. Mindy from A Mix of Min is giving us three tips for glowing winter skin which will get you and your skin through the last stretch of winter. 

Winter comes with many lovely things: the first snow fall, cozy oversized sweaters, and fun ski trips. This season comes with a few not so lovely things as well: chapped hands, bone dry skin, and parched lips. You can try to cover up with parkas, mittens, and boots, but your face is left to take a beating and ski masks aren’t cute.

The best way to avoid uncomfortably dry skin is to exfoliate, moisturize, and protect it against the sun! Giving your body’s largest organ [your skin!] the nutrients, protection, and care it needs is important year round, but winter calls for a little TLC. If you live in cold temps, spending hours shoveling your car shouldn’t compromise a fresh glow! Incorporate these three tips into your skin regimen to keep a fresh glow in the winter.

1. Exfoliant

Dusting off dead skin cells and creating blood circulation is the easiest way to create soft skin and a healthy glow. Your skin will feel so fresh after exfoliating! This isn’t something to be done everyday – I use this three times a week which also has skin-nourishing probiotics.

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

2. Moisturizer

Now that you’ve exfoliated to clear the surface of gunk and dirt, you want to replenish those newly exposed skin cells with an extra potent moisturizer. Moisturizer is like taking a big gulp of water for your skin. Apply in the morning under your make up and right before bed so that it’s working all hours of the day.

Tula Moisturizing Day & Night Cream

Fresh Lotus Skin Preserve 

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil butter

3. Sun protectant 

During the summer, we’re more apt to apply SPF since we’re constantly headed to the beach and lounging by the pool. The chilly months are no exception, especially when the sun is reflecting off the snow. Whether you use a layer of SPF under your make up or a mixture within different products, make sure it incorporates somehow!

Clinique ‘Even Better’ Moisturizer SPF 20

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer

Estee Lauder Protectant Face Cream