A Roundup of Instagram’s Most Lovely Accounts

Bloggers, Pinterest obsessed, tumblr scavengers, and craft enthusiasts all understand the meaning of a handmade Valentine, a pretty flower bouquet, and a beautifully set dinner table. After all, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to put forth that extra amount of effort into a gift and/or gesture toward someone special. The internet is overflowing with lovely inspiration, however, the excessive amount of V-Day crafts, flowers, table settings, and recipes can also be mind-numbing. We here at Sloanie HQ are big suckers for love and have gathered a few of our top Instagram handles that have an excellent assortment of love, decorating ideas, crafty gifts, imagery, and the best love themed inspiration. We love love, Instagram, and you, our preppy readers. Consider our top Valentine’s Day Insta feeds our Valentine to all of you. You are welcome!

  •  @Candyminimal: A page filled with cotton candy colored  images. After all, what is Valentine’s Day without some candy? You can use the hashtag #candyminimal to have one of your pinkish/blueish technicolor photos featured.
  • @Violettinder: A Eye candy style and photography Instagram feed with over 26k followers. Everything from brightly decorated living spaces, cutlery, and candy is styled to eye-catching perfection.
  • @Sophlog: Sophie Logham is an Atlanta-based marketing manager. She has a flare for pink and pretty houses. Check out her page as you’ll see pink and pastel homes (and neighborhoods) post after post. And look for her signature hashtag, #happyhousedreams–because she loves pretty houses!
  • @Sweetgingers: To describe this Insta feed in the best possible way would be for you to picture a ginger Tinkerbell. Really, this feed is managed by Hayley Ginger a self-described, “baker elf, Disney dweller, and total brat.” Her page is whimsical and, of course, a feast of color for the masses!
  • @Theuncommonplace: Is a feed run by Katie Thierjung. She is a photographer, adventurer, and creative gal. Here you’ll find an assortment of uniquely displayed creative and uncommon things. It is a totally fun visit! Lots and lots of pink!
  • @LittleArrow: A stationary and unique gift Instagram handle that is #InstaGood. Here, you’ll discover some unique Valentines that may even include a few unicorns.
  • @Ihaveathingwithpink: A Instagram feed that is home to the blog, House of Hipsters–plus, a whole lot of pink. To have your pink posts featured, tag your pics with the hashtag, #ihaveathingwithpink.
  • @AlishyLishy: Alisha Johns is a social media strategy and content creationist. A native Pittsburgh dweller, Johns shares lovely bright pics of her vibrant ideas with the hashtag, #proptoit
  • @VickysDonuts: Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated unless you indulge in something super sweet. Vicky’s Donuts’ IG feed makes everyday V-Day with their donut creations. Seriously, the only way for us to describe the fun (and deliciousness) of Vicky’s Donuts is for you to see her feed for yourself! Donut worry, you won’t be disappointed!
  • @CreativeKipi: A Instagram feed that let’s followers look through a pastel lens. Marjorie Lacombe captures all things colorful in her posts.
  • @ThePinkDiary:  This account celebrates the idea of living the beautiful life as its curator, Sharon, shares her own glamorous pictures from her rather glamorous life. Her pink flowers and glossy balloon posts might inspire you a little.
  • @Hppyflwrs: A feed that delivers fresh flowers and smiles. Use the hashtag, #hppyflwrs to be featured. After all, flowers make one good Valentine’s Day gift. Hint hint we like peonies!

Well, are you a little more in the mood for love? We hope so! Following these accounts above is sure to flood your feed with lots and lots of love. Xo. Xo.