Airport Style for Sloanies

Whether you’re jetting off for Spring Break, hitting the powder before ski season closes or snapping up a city-break with your BFFs, there’s no excuse to not look or feel fabulous in transit with our nifty guide to preppy airport style. Here’s all you need – and the great news is that you may have a whole in-flight ensemble or two hanging in your wardrobe already:

Cape or Cover Up



Cleverly doubling as a cozy blanket if it gets a tad chilly up in First Class, something soft and oversized is practical for your flight whilst keeping you looking chic in departures and arrivals. Pippa’s camel-colored cape coat leaves arms free to fiddle with headphones and seatbelts without fuss, and also enables the arms to be tucked inside when you want to break for a nap. Rosie H-W’s long cashmere number looks dreamy soft for a comfortable journey here, too – perfect with a simple pair of comfy leggings. Add a giant pashmina wrapped several times around the neck loosely for extra style points with added comfort. Far softer than any airline blanket we’ve ever snuggled under.



Air travel can wreak havoc with your locks: all that dehydrated, recycled air for a start, let alone the crazy shapes our hair can take on when we try and sleep upright in a plane seat for any matter of time. Yep, we get that too. Forget trying to restyle that unruly ‘do in a tiny, poorly-lit cubicle and just pull on a hat before you get off the plane. Easy-peasy. Emma Watson looks super-cute in this slouchy beanie and monochrome look, whilst those touching down in hotter climes may opt for a summery trilby instead. Tying longer hair into one or two loose braids is another way to embrace and somewhat limit the dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards look many of us seem to achieve on even the shortest flight.



Another post-flight essential for anyone suffering from tired, bloodshot eyes or grey circles is a simple pair of shades. Make like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (who manages to step off every plane with gorgeously bedraggled hair and no need for any kind of hat, might add) and pop on a pair of sunnies. An instant style fix.

Carry On Luggage


Find out your airline’s size restrictions first, and pack a carry-on bag as big as you’re permitted, is our advice. You can never have enough room for mini-toiletries, snacks, your iPad and Kindle when you travel, in our opinion. Not to mention all those spare cover ups, sunnies, and a pretty eye mask. Then again, Alexa Chung is spotted traveling light and looking super-relaxed here with a teeny-tiny little satchel that we’re pretty sure is from Mulberry. We’re loving those relaxed dungarees and Burberry trench, too. Our lovely canvas totes meet most airline cabin restrictions, and our traveler totes and weekenders are great for those who really want to pack it all in.

What’s your go-to airport style? Share your jet-set selfies with us on Instagram by tagging us @SloaneRanger and we’ll regram our favorite looks. Bon voyage!

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