Are you a Sloane Ranger?

A true Sloane Ranger defies any solid definition – our favourite ones actually rewrite the rules altogether – but there are a few standard criteria that normally characterise these guys and girls. So go on, have a read and work out just how much of a Sloane Ranger you really are.


A key differentiator, this one. Most (but not all) Sloanies are privately educated, often at elite boarding schools where they mix with other well-connected kids from wealthy and sometimes very well-known families. Living away from home – sometimes from a very young age – is often what makes Sloane Rangers such resilient and capable folks when they’re released into the wild. These guys have been intensely socialised from a tender age, and will conduct themselves with confidence in most social situations as a result.  So you can tell a Sloane Ranger from their enviable social ease and knack for making connections, listening with interest and telling a great story.  They’re also quite emotionally resilient creatures, from all those years living away from Mom and Dad.

Sports & Pastimes

Following on from the above, Sloanies educated in British private schools will have played games like lacrosse, polo, cricket and rugby over soccer and track. And yes, lacrosse is very different in England. It’s played by girls for a start, and it’s not as brutal as it is in the USA. Rowing is another preppy sport dominated by private schools, and Eton College even devised its very own sport called Eton Fives, which is a little like tennis or squash. Grown-up Sloanes rate certain sports very highly on their social calendars, too. From the polo at Windsor Great Park to rowing at Henley Royal Regatta, horse racing at Cheltenham and tennis at Wimbledon. In fact, most sports that aren’t soccer have a significant Sloanie following. Real Sloanies love the countryside and often escape the city at every opportunity for fresh air and open fields. Hunting, shooting and fishing are all known Sloane Ranger pastimes, and make up a significant portion of the social calendar in the colder months.


A true Sloane Ranger may dress preppy, beachy or boho but one thing they’ll all agree on is that accessories should always be sharp and make a statement. No worn out wallets or tatty handbags here: these items are chosen for quality and durability, and the bolder the better. So we’re talking well-made handbags, wide, useful purses and subtle labelling. One-off boutique finds carry as much currency as a well-chosen designer piece for the genuine Sloane Ranger, so it’s not about flashing all the designers at once – real Sloanies find flashiness terribly tasteless. Long-standing preppy British labels like Hunter and Mulberry will always have Sloanie support though, and you won’t find a Sloane Ranger on a country weekend without their Barbour wax jacket or Harris Tweed.

Hair & Make Up

You simply won’t come across a real Sloane Ranger who doesn’t have great hair. It’s a known fact. Even the most rebellious Sloanie has stunning locks, though that needn’t mean weekly blow dries on Sloane Square á la Queen of Silky Tresses, Kate Middleton. Nope – Sloane Rangers like Cressy Bonas and Cara Delevingne roll out of three-day festivals with hair that looks totally dishevelled, but deliciously so. It must be in the genes. Make-up wise, Sloane Rangers take the same attitude as they have towards fashion labels. Understated is the way forward, and make up should only ever look like it’s barely-there unless it’s a big night out. And even then, make up is only used to accentuate what’s already there. No tacky lip liner, orange foundation or caked up lashes for these ladies!

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