Friday Fancies Vol. 28

Tips for going back to school

School. It’s a single word that evokes multiple feelings—all of which can be rolled neatly into your favorite printed backpack. The start of a new school year is both exciting and dreadful. There are the opportunities to make new friends, build stronger networking connections, and purchase a whole new wardrobe! On the other hand, a new school year means; a heavier workload, more responsibilities, and summer coming to an end. Okay, now that we got you depressed (sorry!) let’s build you back up—you are ready for a new term and there is a lot to be excited about—hey, just think, it won’t be long until the Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte arrives. So, are you ready for school? If not, here’s your guide for doing so…here are a few things (tricks) that you can do to get into some major school spirit…Let’s hear it!

1. Buy a Planner: In Lilly Pulitzer’s case it all started with a Juice Stand and in your success story—it all started with a planner. Get organized ASAP! By purchasing a fun vibrant planner like the cool Lilly ones. By doing so, you’ll be sure to study for your AP European History exam, make time for Rush Week, and go to the gallery opening all within the course of the month. To stay extra motivated, purchase some fun Sharpie markers and cool hued Post-Its to keep yourself prepared and well-planned.

2. Back It Up: Stress isn’t good to carry on your mind—it’s much better to carry in something cute—like our Sloane Ranger Aztec Backpack! Okay, we are giggling at this too, but seriously, how do you expect to go from the classroom to a lunch date with a school legend by carrying all your supplies in a plastic bag? You can’t. Pack up your paper, pens, and computer in a stylish bag or over-the-shoulder Sloane Ranger Classic Tote. Now that we’ve taken care of that, you’re this much closer to regaining your school spirit!

3. Wake-Up Sleeping Beauty: The hardest part about saying goodbye to summer and bonjour to school is getting back into the rigorous academic routine. No more sleeping till noon and staying up till the sun peaks. We suggest easing into a better sleeping/waking up routine a few weeks (like now) before school starts—it will make the inevitable adjustment so much easier.

4. Write-On: Fun personalized pens and pencils may sound trivial, but these poised cuties (think Kate Spade) can keep you motivated for taking good notes and just might be a conversation-starter in making a new study-buddy friend.

5. Clean Slate: Just as the new school year is a fresh start for you it should be the same for your personal space. Meaning, declutter your desk, room, dorm, car, closet what-have you in order to make room for new papers and fresh ideas. It may sound trivial, but having a renewed space can make a world of difference.

6. New Socks: So, we have heard of new shoes for school, but often socks get the run-around. Picking out some fun socks can brighten your day and hey, make (or break) your outfit. Feeling a little preppy this year? We heart the preppy yet sophisticated J. Crew socks.

7. Check It Off: Just like you make a New Year’s resolution list try making one for the school year. The list can be a combination of fun and important things you’d like to accomplish over the course of the school year. Say, try the green dish in the cafeteria or apply for that coveted internship in D.C. And if you succeed? Treat yo-self to something fun…like Fro-yo?

8. Show Yourself: Carrying around your campus ID in your back pocket is one sure way to lose it. Been there. Done that! Instead, slip your pic inside a fun Sloan Ranger ID case and tie it up with a modest lanyard. When it’s one o’clock in the morning and your ID is safely around your neck while you’re entering your residence hall you’ll thank us.

9. Take Notes: Remember, a writer is only as good as their notebook—so make yours fab! We love the fun selection of notebooks that you can create/order on Zazzle! This personalized gold and white stripe notebook just might be our No. 1 pick!

10. Attitude: Keep yours in check. Always be open to learning new things, meeting new people, and staying open to the possibilities that something great is on the horizon.

Just in case, Mr. Barista, one Pumpkin Spice with whip please!