Beach Reads for your Kindle

We’re a self-confessed bunch of bookworms here at Sloanie HQ and we love nothing more than swapping book tips between us, debating plots and comparing characters, then loading up our Kindles with brand new reads for the summertime. This hand-picked selection of new releases is the perfect collection of titles for these hot summer days, wherever you are.

The Fever by Megan Abbott

Summer Reading List

Loved Gone Girl? Then you’ll adore The Fever. This is a deeply thrilling story of a mystery killer illness affecting a close-knit community, unleashing deadly secrets and hidden scandals at every turn. Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn puts it best herself: “The Fever holds true to its title: It’s dark, disturbing, strangely beautiful and utterly unshakeable.”
Couldn’t. Put. This. Down…

Indiscretion by Charles Dubow

Summer Reading List

If you loved The Great Gatsby or anything else by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, this one’s for you. This is a story of jealousy and indiscretion amongst the American elite, all taking place one summer in the Hamptons. Its central couple are a heady mix of success and beauty, charm and talent – surrounded by an ever-increasing circle of acquaintances desperate to bask in their collective glory. Its slightly detached narrator bears more than a passing resemblance to Fitzgerald’s Nick Carraway, too.

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Summer Reading List

Already a bestseller across the globe, Jojo Moyes (author of Me Before You, which hits the big screen next year) has done it again with yet another tale of unconventional romance and those familiar, infuriatingly lovable, less-than-perfect families. In this page-turner, two unlikely candidates meet in unusual circumstances, and the outcome is deeply moving. An uplifting tale.

The Vacationers by Emma Straub

Summer Reading List

When a wealthy Upper East Side family vacation together in a beautiful Mediterranean villa – all with their own personal successes to celebrate – scandal, grudges and tension bubble up to the surface. This New York Times bestseller evokes the tranquillity of a luxurious Spanish getaway, contrasted with all the juicy secrets of a feuding and privileged family. You may love them and you may hate them, but the characters (and their relationships) are captivating all the same.

One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond

Summer Reading List

Anna, Catherine and Sophie meet in an Italian language class, and an entertaining and revealing friendship blossoms between the three women who are all there for very different reasons. From broken relationships to long lost relatives, Italy (and the Italian language) becomes the evocative and stunning backdrop to these new friends’ intertwining personal journeys.

We’d love to know what your top summer reads are! Drop us a comment below or tweet us @SloaneRanger with your reading lists.

  • Meg

    Great suggestions! I read the “The Vactioners” and loved it. Am always looking for similar style books. This is a great list. I need to take more holidays so I can read more books…