Do You Speak Sloanie?


Like all social tribes, Sloanies have their very own dialect as a means of identifying with their group and separating themselves from others. Back in the eighties during the rise of the original Sloane Ranger, ‘Hooray Henrys’ said things like ‘jolly good’ and called everyone ‘darling,’ but the language has evolved in thirty years. Sloanies are and always have been a characteristically enthusiastic bunch, who these days tend to embellish their speech with positive, upbeat descriptors such as ‘totally,’ ‘definitely,’ ‘absolutely,’ and ‘one hundred per cent’ when in agreement with a pleasing suggestion. A Sloanie would use any of the above in response to the suggestion of cocktails at Colbert, for example, or a round of croquet at a friend’s country house.

We recommend you get yourself a Made in Chelsea boxset to really learn the King’s Road lingo of 2015, but here’s a quick taster session on how to speak Sloanie…


An old-school prepster exclamation (like ‘golly gosh!’) made fashionable once again by the Mayor of London and bumbling super-Sloane Boris Johnson. ‘Blimey’ is what Sloanies might mutter – or even shout – when something has surprised them enormously. Like, say, winning a bet on the horses at Royal Ascot, or bumping into Poppy Delevingne at the Chiltern Firehouse. Not to be paired with the prefix ‘Cor!’ at any time.


Most commonly, Sloanies use the word ‘totes’ as a casual replacement for ‘totally.’ Occasionally ‘totes’ is used with humor in the slightly silly phrase ‘totes amazeballs,’ as a way of showing strong approval of something. A friend’s new outfit, for example, could be described as ‘totes amazeballs’ if she looks, in other words, ‘totally amazing’.

Blates! / Obvs!

Similar terms used in similar situations are ‘blates,’ short for ‘blatantly,’ ‘obvs’ for ‘obviously,’ and ‘maybs’ for ‘maybe’. And while we’re talking abbreviations, ‘definitely’ is frequently shortened to ‘defo’ on the King’s Road. Sloanies abbreviate much of their speech as a means of cramming more conversation in and communicating quicker. They’re super-sociable types, as we already know, and their speech has started to mimic the speed of social media communication. Obvs.


We’ve already worked out by now that Sloanies are a positive, effusive bunch, and that they have a fondness for shortening words. So here’s another slang term made from an abbreviation: ‘adorbs’ is short for ‘adorable’ and works well with prefixes like ‘totes.’ ‘Presh’ also works with ‘totes,’ translating as ‘totally precious.’ Another Sloanie adjective you might use when describing something lovely is ‘beaut’ – ‘Kate, your hair is looking absolutely beaut today, darling.’

What are your favorite Sloanie sayings? Drop us a comment below, and let us know what we’ve missed if you know some of your own Sloanie lingo!