Dream Preppy Holiday Gift Guide

If you are perfectly preppy in every single way then you are already aware of the annual Neiman Marcus Fantasy Holiday Gift Guide. Basically this gift guide is everything from fantasy on down to luxurious (with no expense spared in between).

You’d be lucky enough to find something priced under $1,000–that’s how expensive and extravagant their list is each year. NM’s list inspired us to brainstorm a very extravagant list of our very own. All, of course, with a preppy twist. Enjoy. Dream. Wish!

The Sloane Ranger Ultimate Preppy Gift Guide

10. Lippmann Diamond and Pearl Nail Polish Collection. ($1,000)

9. 14 karat gold engraved iPhone case. ($10,000)

8. Eel Ballet Flat, Gucci. ($950)

7. Iris Apfel fashion trunk. ($80,000)

6. Rose gold screw cuff bracelet. ($5,350)

5. Kate Spade Loula dress, ($1,098.00)

4. Diamond encrusted headphones ($1 Million)

3. Cushy roll arm faux fur couch, PB Teen ($1,600)

2. Cow Hide Rug, West Elm. ($550)

1. Customized Lilly Pulitzer Print. (Priceless)

Well, kids there you have it. The list is indeed grand and costs well over a couple grand, but when you shop in the heavens you’re bound to come out looking like an angel!

Happy Dreaming.