Emma Watson – We salute you

She found a place in our childhood hearts forever as goody-two-shoes Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, but super-smart Brit Emma Watson’s all grown up now and quite the Sloanie style icon.  Having rocked a seriously cute elfin bob before, and being known for her experimental approach to texture and style, it’s time we took a closer look at Emma Watson.

Like a sassier version of the super-organized Hermione Granger, this girl just doesn’t stop. She’s bagged university places at both Brown and Worcester College Oxford, and she’s fronted two billboard campaigns for fashion giant Burberry. Emma was made the face of Lancôme in 2011, is creative advisor for ethical fashion brand People Tree, and she just guest-edited the February/March issue of Wonderland magazine – gracing both front covers, of course. Her roles have becomes edgier of late, with The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Bling Ring casting her as characters a far cry from her young wizard alter-ego.

But it was her red carpet appearance at the Golden Globes last month that really made us sit up and take notice of Emma Watson, and notice quite how far she’s come since her (whisper it) Harry Potter days. It was a bold move that many an experienced actress would have shied away from, but 23 year old Emma rocked her red carpet look in an unprecedented move that she pulled off with true Sloanie style.

emma watson sloane ranger fashion icon at the golden globe awards

Emma’s scarlet silk dress by Dior divided the fashion world when she spun around to give the obligatory over-the-shoulder red carpet shot and revealed its backless style… all the way down! Cinched together with an empire line sash and accessorized simply with a pair of chic black cigarette pants, Emma’s red dress signaled a pivotal moment for her, both personally and professionally. No more Miss Granger.

Not surprising for a screen star known for her enviable brains as well as her natural beauty, Emma’s often snapped out and about in London, New York and LA without a scrap of make up on and looking effortlessly stylish. This could be down in part to her Parisian mother’s genes, or the generous helping of ‘English Rose’ DNA Emma was clearly handed out at birth from her English father’s side.

Educated at the famous Dragon School in Oxford along with a long line of British actors, politicians and writers, Emma then went on to board at the high-flying Headington School for Girls, also in Oxford.

emma-watson-best-fashion-styles from sloane ranger square london

Emma Watson’s style evolution

Days soaking up the intellectual climate in Oxford with her French mother and weekends in London staying with her father no doubt instilled in Emma a set of cosmopolitan and academic values that she carries with her to this day – encapsulated by her great fashion choices. Emma herself claims that ‘fashion is a great way to empower people,’ and she’s a towering example of this sentiment.

Emma Watson, you’re a girl after our own hearts: Never Trashy, Always Confident.

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