Friday Fancies Vol. 15


Happy Friday! With all the graduations going on this time of year it had us thinking about decorating for new homes. Surely lots of new graduates are making the move into their first post-grad apartments and doing a bit of a college decor purge. Since you’re basically starting from scratch we sourced our favorite Etsy shops to find you some great prints to make your new house a home.

1. Channel your inner hippie with these colorful feather prints from Snoogs & Wilde.



2. This succulent print from Small Adventure Paper Shop is great for those of us that have an affinity for plants, but don’t have a green thumb.


3. There’s something so beautiful about Elizabeth Mayfield’s prints and she’s got so many for you to choose from!Sloane-Ranger-Etsy-Finds-05

4. The Aestate has made a name for herself with her popular Lip and Palm prints, and this Ginger Jar is just as wonderful.

Do you have any Etsy shops that you love? We’re always looking for new inspo!