Fall 2015 Hat Trends

Autumn & hats go together like boots go with winter & bikinis with summer. It’s just part of the nature of the season. Would you eat a PB&J sandwich without peanut butter? No. So, why would you let your head go naked this fall?

Many of you are already dusting off your fall felt wide brim hats & are getting ready for another trendy hat wearing season. However, just as the leaves turn gold & red each year the fall hat trends tend to change too. How do you know whether to keep wearing your knit beanie or start thinking about updating your fall head attire?

Look–rather, read on as we have fall hats & the hottest hat trends available. All done in typical Sloanie style of course!

What is great about embracing the hat trend is that a hat can instantly upgrade your outfit–no matter how big or small the hat is. For Fall 2015, hats are anything but modest. Fluffy furry hats, pom-poms, fringe, feathers, wide brims, felt fabrics, French berets, jockey style hats, cozy knits, and more are all fair game. Let’s just play it on the safe side–update your fall hat & if you pick the right one…it can take you right into winter.

Fancy French Berets: Oh La La. When it comes to fashion & preppy apparel anything that is remotely French is always trendy. This season, the French Beret is no acception. Designers such as Gucci & Fay (a ton of others) are saying, oui, oui to this fancy hat trend. Not to fret over your pretty baguette, berets can be affordable too thanks to this red beret, from American Apparel.

Knits: These knit caps are so knot your granny’s knits. Thanks to hipsters & designers such as Anna Sui & Gucci, knits are cool again. What is even cooler–knits can be found anywhere like on the Etsy shop, Sea Salt & Honey and/or Target’s simple gray knit beanie.

Wide Brims: Wide brim hats, typically in black or gray always seem to be in style. No matter the age, a wide brim hat can be rocked. This year, wide brims are back, but with fun features such as fringe, feathers, and/or other sharp details that make the look new again. The lux designer Lanvin has some amazing fring-y wide brims out this season, but you do not have to dish all your dough on one hat. Thank you, H&M for this tan felt wide brim beauty!

Felt About It: Felt & Suede are the go-to fabrics of the fall fashion season. Why? They look both warm & incredibly chic. If you select a felt or suede hat in a neutral tone (grey, black, tan, ect.) you will get more bang for your buck. The wardrobe options are limitless. Forever 21 has hat selections that go on for well, forever. We are hat crushing on their wool floppy hat that comes in either navy or tan. Can’t go wrong with either color!

Have you already decided that yes, it is time to ditch your last year’s hat and spring for a new fall cap? We think you have plenty of great options to pick from!