Weekly Wishlist

Fall Trench Coats

Fall is going to be here sooner than we know, and this year we’re going to get our fall wardrobe set way in advance of the cooler temps so we’re not scrambling for leftovers when fall hits. One thing that’s on the list of things to buy for the season is a fall trench coat.  A trench coat instantly adds a touch of chic to any fall outfit and is the perfect layering piece. We’ve browsed some of our favorite shops to bring you our fall trench coat picks.

Burberry Brit Trench: An instant classic with a hefty price tag. Worth the investment? We’re in the middle on this one, but it sure is pretty!

Asos Midi Trench: The midi trend brought to you in trench form. It definitely has that “borrowed-from-the-boys” vibe that we’re liking for fall.

Topshop Doublebreasted Trench: The color and structure of this trench get two checks in our book.

Drapey Trench: On the complete opposite spectrum of our last pick, but a drapey trench sounds so comfortable!

Asos Classic Trench: A classic without the hefty price tag.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means we’ll make a few cents (literally) if you click on the products and buy ’em.