Fall Trend – Statement Sweats

We’re all for making a big statement here as you’ll know from browsing our range of accessories in big, bold and colorful print, so we’re delighted to see that statement sweaters are going to be big this fall. And not a minute too soon, if you ask us!

Ok, so we’re the first to admit that the statement sweater is nothing new, and certainly not to us prepsters. Long has the college sweater been a preppy wardrobe staple for wintry duvet days and trips to the gym, and not long ago many of us were racing around the playground with our little pals in Minnie/Mickey/Donald print sweaters/leggings/pyjamas/socks without even a shred of irony about us. We’ve come of age in statement prints, and we’re nostalgic for their geeky, childish simplicity in a world that gets ever more serious as we grow older and take on more responsibility. All hail the statement sweat revolution! Who’s with us? 

Tatler UK have dubbed the ironic statement sweat the ‘loser jumper’ that makes you feel – and look – like a winner, thanks to its celebrity endorsement of the highest form. No longer the reserve of ‘casual Fridays,’ campus freshmen or toddlers at nursery school, the statement sweater is joining the high fashion ranks. Indeed, Brit model Laura Bailey and Jessica Alba are big champions of the geeky statement knit, and our beloved Cara Delevingne has been rocking the statement print already for months – even years – it seems. English Sloanie actress Tilda Swinton attended a Chanel fashion show in her starry-print knitted sweater this year, too. A boldly casual move for the red carpet, some may say – but the jumper was Chanel, after all.


Tatler UK

The ironic Christmas knit has been doing the rounds for some years now, but this is a trend that starts in September and will keep going till the leaves turn green again. Plus, we’re always going to love a trend that keeps us comfy and warm – hurrah for practical fashion!

A year ago we witnessed the advent of the logo tee with its cutesy prints, retro icons and provocative statements, and were especially enamoured with ironic takes on high fashion labels such as Homies (a playful imitation of Parisian couture house Hermés) and Obey’s impersonation of YSL’s monogrammed branding, as seen on a statement sweater available at Urban Outfitters, below.


Urban Outfitters

So hot on the heels of last summer’s statement sellouts like the brilliant Célfie tee, Whistles have created this clever Cliché logo knit, all in the spirit of playful and deliberate fashion. Plus, it’s knitted from merino wool, so it’s dreamy-soft. Pair that with your skinny jeans and some winter boots for a cosy look that’s season-appropriate but also bang on trend and a little bit clever with it. Whistles, we love!


via Whistles

Sloanies! Dig out your old statement sweaters and give them a new lease of life. Share your styles on Instagram and we’ll regram our favorites @SloaneRanger 

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