Graduation Gifts for the Studious Sloanie

preppy gifts for graduation

Exam season is looming as Sloanies on both sides of the pond get their heads down and hit the books, hearts firmly set on college life and those all-important final grades. And whether parents have resorted to bribery yet, or simply wish to reward their studious little star with a going-away gift to take to university with them, we thought we’d put together a list of fabulous graduation gifts for college life. You may just want to leave this page open when Mom and Dad are around… 

Cath Kidston Dressing Gown

Chances are you’ll be sharing a kitchen or a bathroom with other students when you move to college, so make sure you always look the part – even when you’re yawning over the coffee machine before that early morning seminar. Put a proper dressing gown like Cath Kidston’s cute candy-striped offering on your college packing list and you needn’t worry about getting dressed up on a Sunday morning to go and put the kettle on.

Tiffany Silverware

A traditional kind of graduation gift, a paperweight is a smart and useful addition to any busy student’s desk. And this one comes with added chic points, as it’s designed by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany and Co. It’s a bigger version of the iconic silver full heart pendant by the same designer.  And while we’re on the subject, a statement necklace from Tiffany’s could be the perfect way to reward those sparkling A-grades you worked so hard for. Right, Mommy and Daddy..?

Smythson Notebook

We love love love cute stationery at Sloanie HQ, and we’ve got a real thing for English brand Smythson of Bond Street right now. Get your notebook monogrammed at no extra cost or opt for one with a humorous caption pre-embossed – we love this ‘Profound Thoughts’ one. A Smythson notebook is something any student will treasure forever and scribble away in with pride. We’re also obsessed with that Marc Jacobs colouring pencil set for colour-coding those revision notes, and Ted Baker’s pastel coloured pencil case for your engraved Mont Blanc fountain pen.

Plates and Mugs

Sharing kitchens (see above) comes with its own set of potential issues, and one of them is the allocation of cutlery and crockery. Don’t be that person who ‘borrows’ other people’s stuff and never returns it. That’s just not a good look. A Sloanie is always prepared for every eventuality, and is never caught with their paws on other people’s belongings. So stock up on a few statement plates from English potter Emma Bridgewater, and a big bold mug for your breakfast tea that can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s.

Sloane Ranger Tote

The perfect size for your iPad, text books, pencil case and a bottle of water, the Sloane Ranger classic tote will look super smart up on campus. With floral prints, arrows, dots and stripes (among others) to choose from, it’s a perfectly preppy answer to your baggage requirements, with a weekender version for trips home and a crossbody saddle bag for extra preppy points.

 We’d like to wish all you Sloanies taking exams ‘the very best of British’!