Happy Birthday, Ma’am!

Happy Birthday to the Queen

Happy Birthday to the Queen

Her actual birthday may have been back on April 21st, but the Queen’s ‘official’ birthday is always celebrated on a Saturday in June, thanks to the typical English weather normally being a little kinder in the summer months. And this year it’s a big one: Queen Elizabeth II is 90!

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

So on Sunday, 12th June this year, Great Britain will lead the way in wishing her majesty a very happy ninetieth birthday, with massive street parties up and down the country. Brits often celebrate a Royal birthday or special anniversaries (such as the Queen’s silver, diamond and golden jubilees) with a street party – they’re about as British as it gets.

In London Town, a street party is being thrown on The Mall (the road leading up to Buckingham Palace) for 10,000 guests. The Patron’s Lunch is primarily being held for people involved in the 600 charities the Queen is involved with, though some tickets have been made available to the general public at £150 each.  The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will attend the lunch, and live screens will be positioned in neighboring Green Park and St James’ Park, so tourists and Londoners can enjoy their own summer picnics whilst sharing in the wider festivities.

Elsewhere, villages and town and city streets will close the roads for the afternoon, and the roads are then lined with tables and chairs in a long, banquet formation, and neighbours bring and share food and drink together under acres of red, white and blue bunting. It’s all about communities standing up to sing the National Anthem, then sitting down together, enjoying a long lunch, having fun and uniting in their loyalty to their monarch.

Queen's Birthday Celebrations

… It’s also about strawberries, flag-waving, silly hats, cake, and plenty of dress-up. Here’s how to throw a super street party, London-style:

Union Jack Themed Food

Union Jack Cupcakes

Cupcakes iced in red, white and blue and then arranged in the Union Jack formation will look stunning without requiring huge amounts of decorating skill! Likewise, strawberries with cream and a sprinkling of blueberries – served in little china bowls – are a neat way to keep the Britannia vibe going whilst upping your fruit intake.

Tiaras and Crowns

Crowns and Tiaras

Lay each place setting with a fun piece of headwear for each guest: tiaras for the girls and crowns for the boys. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could make them yourself – or get your guests to make their own, if you provide pots of glue, feathers, faux gems and plenty of glitter!

Time for Tea

Tea Etiquette

It simply wouldn’t do to host a street party without providing everyone with a nice cup of tea. Equip your table with a nice big teapot, plenty of cups and saucers, a milk jug and sugar bowl, plus plenty of teaspoons. See above for proper English tea-drinking etiquette. You’re welcome!

From all of us at Sloanie HQ, we would like to wish Her Majesty the Queen a most splendid 90th birthday! Rule Britannia and long live the Queen!

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