Harry and Cressy: It’s Over, But Who’s Next?

News broke last week of the split between Prince Harry and his girlfriend of two years, Cressida Bonas. Our favorite nearly-Royal was spotted out in London shortly after the news hit the papers, dressed in black and looking a little tired and emotional while Harry jetted out to Memphis for his best friend Guy Pelly’s wedding.

cressida bonas breakup with harry

We’re all secretly hoping this isn’t a break-up but just a break –  like the one Wills and Kate took for a few months back in 2007, thought widely to be an attempt to cool off the increasing attention Kate was getting from the paparazzi. But while we can wait and hope that Harry and gorgeous Cressy will be reunited over time, we can distract ourselves in the meantime with a line-up of eligible bachelorettes who might win Harry’s affections next.

…And out of interest, we’re Team Pippa. All the way. 

Pippa Middleton

pippa middleton style

Ok, so she might be dating financier Nico Jackson right now. And yes, it does kind of look serious between them. But come on! Who can deny the cheeky chemistry between William’s Best Man and Kate’s Maid of Honor at the Royal Wedding back in 2011? Just imagine Royal Wedding Part II, with Kate as Pippa’s Maid of Honor and Wills as Harry’s Best Man. The thought is too perfect for words. We can dream, right?

Astrid Harbord


She’s one of Harry’s oldest friends and he’s supported her through thick and thin in recent years. Astrid Harbord (on the left, pictured with her father and sister at Royal Ascot) was one of the few girls invited to Kate Middleton’s exclusive bachelorette party in 2011, and was once spotted sneaking into Harry’s London residence, Clarence House, with him in the early hours after a big night out. She has also taken Harry out clubbing at edgy warehouse raves during their friendship and has been hailed ‘the coolest blonde to graduate from Bristol University’ since socialite Jemima Khan. Rebellious: check. Blonde and beautiful: check. Well connected: check. Could Astrid be the next Cressy? Watch this space, Sloanies…

Chelsy Davy

chelsy davy and harry dating

They’ve been on again and off again more than we can keep up with in recent years, so perhaps Harry and his former girlfriend Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy will make another go of it (…again) now that the Prince is newly single and ready to mingle. Friends of Harry have reportedly claimed that Harry never really got over Chelsy, and the pair still share a circle of close-knit friends. So close knit, in fact, that Chelsy vacationed with Cressy’s half-brother recently. Hmm, maybe a little awkward.