Healthy Smoothies

Your New Year’s Resolution may call for a new healthy eating solution. Trying to lose weight and get in shape is the top New Year’s Resolution each and every year. It is also the most abandoned resolution each year too. This particular New Year’s goal typically lasts for about two weeks. Pretty sad, right? Here at Sloanie HQ we know the importance of having a healthy routine and a balanced diet. We also understand that this lifestyle can also be difficult to maintain, but we found that drinking smoothies keeps us on our healthy toes. Drinking a smoothie everyday or a few times a week is a great way to sneak in your extra fruits, vitamins, and veggies into your body without actually thinking about it.

While our preppy, busy lives are just that busy, we often lean toward quick shakes and smoothies to keep us energized and jazzed. Love smoothies? We love them too. We know that smoothies are ‘healthy’ blended drinks, but some are filled with calories and sugars and there is nothing healthy about that!

Fear not, we have the skinny on new smoothie recipes that will leave you feeling refreshed, full, and lean for 2016. Are you with us? Let’s dish on our favorite HEALTHY smoothie recipes.

  • Peanut Butter, Banana and Flax Smoothie. This drink will leave you full and focused after its morning consumption. Plus, it’s loaded with protein!
  • Banana Smoothie. This smoothie is the go-to breakfast in a cup as it is topped off with a handful of yummy granola!
  • Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie is full of Vitamin C to help ward-off sickness in 2016.
  • Cracked Oats Smoothie is ideal for a before-the-gym type of drink.
  • Avocado Apple Spinach Smoothie. It’s green, thick, and scrumptious!
  • Thin Mint Smoothie is a milkshake like drink that will bring all the boys to your yard. You’ll think this Greek yogurt is a drive-thru milkshake, but it’s not!
  • Apple and Grain Smoothie. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and the same saying holds true with this fiber-licious beverage.
  • Chocolate Cherry Shake. This is the smoothie you’ll want to consume right after you work out.  Both chocolate and dark red cherries are excellent in aiding with the soreness and muscle recovery time after hitting the gym. Plus, it just sounds delicious!
  • Kale and Banana Smoothie. Adding Kale to any smoothie is a great way to get that extra dose of vegetables into your diet.
  • Collard Green and Mango Lime Smoothie. This concoction, is healthy zingy, and refreshing. You’ll feel like a real health nut while sipping this yummy green juice.

There you have it, straight from the blender, our fav refreshing smoothies recipes–which are actually healthy for you. Remember, when you are smoothie ingredient shopping try to stick to naturally grown items such as fresh fruits and veggies. If you are using frozen fruit read the nutrition label to see how much added sugar is in the package. Try using Greek yogurt, almond, skim, or coconut milk opposed to whole milk when the recipe calls for dairy. These are a few calorie/sugar saving tips.

True, we splurged on the gingerbread lattes last year (who’s counting?), but it’s the New Year and we are making it a healthy one. Enjoy your smoothies!