Hot to trot, when the weather is not: Sweaters & Booties!

Around this time of year; the weather gets a little colder and the days grow a little shorter, we wave goodbye to our summer dresses and exile our sandals to the back of the wardrobe. Even though you sun worshippers might find this a painful process, let’s not forget that the winter months have their perks too! If you are one of those suffering from the post summer blues, and need the smile put back on your face, look no further than these autumn wardrobe staples…

We all understand the importance of the perfect pair of boots; but with so many different options of, shapes, styles and colours it can be a pretty difficult decision to make! This season is all about the ankle length booties, from tan coloured Chelsea styles to buckled beauties with cut out detailing. In search of some style in the beautiful city of Bath, I came across two Sloanie’s dressed head to toe in the massive trend for the autumn: monochrome.

This look is effortless cool and is easily transferrable from day to night with just a quick change of accessories. The two Sloane gals opted for black skinny jeans that grazed the ankles, and showcased their gorgeous footwear. The first wore a pair of high-shine black leather booties, with a pointed toe, gold buckles and cut out detailing on the side. On top the look is pulled together with a sheer white shirt, under a biker style leather jacket. These boots are perfect with your skinniest pair of jeans but don’t be afraid to experiment, try a pair with a skater style dress and some woollen tights, or knee high socks.


The next pair of beautiful booties with an 80’s punk rock edge; are then softened up with a cute white cropped sweater, black peter-pan collar, and accessorised with a simple gold chain and sunglasses. Although these boots can look a little ‘tough’, if you don’t feel like getting in touch with your masculine side, have some fun mixing them with a feminine outfit and girly accessories, for an eye catching finish.

Right next to a brand new pair of boots, at the very top of my winter wish list is of course the cropped sweater. The absolute delight of these woollen wonders is that they are so versatile! The cropped length allows you to tuck them into jeans, shorts and skirts, or layer them over a shirt, dress or vest. The shorter length finishing at your waist, rather than your hips, also makes legs appear longer! Need I go on?


This young Sloane layered her cropped black sweater over a charcoal grey vest, matched with skinny red jeans and lace-up platform boots, for a casual day time look. To easily mix and match your outfits try layering a cropped sweater over a patterned vest, stripes work particularly well for a Parisian style finish. For a slightly smarter occasion do not hesitate to combine different fabrics and textures, a cropped sweater works with almost anything! Try layering on top of a shirt and pairing with faux leather leggings like this stylish Sloanie, she then completes the look with these killer black wedged booties, which could also be worn with a dress or jumpsuit for a big night out.

Now you are properly prepared to embrace the up-coming months, and jump whole-heartedly, feet first into winter. Your newly, perfectly booted feet that is!