How to build a Sloanie Girl Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in a home decorating mood here at The Modern Prep Gazette. We talked coffee table books, marble everything, and now we’re building a Sloanie gallery wall. You may ask, does one really need a gallery wall? We say, yes! A gallery wall is a great representation of things you like, things you love, things that inspire, and bring joy to your life. So, what does a Sloanie Girl have on her gallery wall? Stick with us as we divulge all the details.

London Love: We’re big fans of Anna With Love’s London Collection. So much so that we added three of her prints to our gallery wall. The pink building, pink door, and Big Ben. Obviously we went a little overboard with the London love, but we heart London! If you’d rather mix it up, throw in another favorite city, travel spot, or countryside image.

Sloanie Stuff: Our motto is, “Never Flashy. Always Confident.” and we think it makes a great addition to any gallery wall. You can download it here. Print, frame, and done! We also added our Sloanie Fox which you can download here. Want more Sloanie printables? You can pick your favorite and download them all here.

Just Love: We’re very much into love here. Pick your favorite L-O-V-E print and hang it up. We love this one from Pure Joy Paperie.

Foodie: We love a good sweet treat here. Pick your favorite sweet treat, find a print (we’re positive you’ll find one), and hang it! It might make you crave that food constantly, but who doesn’t crave donuts constantly?

Flamingos: If it’s pink, you can most likely bet we are fans. Flamingos are the perfect cheery summer addition to the gallery wall. Come fall, you can swap it out for something else. That’s what we love most about gallery walls. You’re not committed to one print or photo forever. Get tired of something? Simply swap it out.

Style Inspo: Fashion sketches are another great addition to the Sloanie gallery wall. Make sure you pick one that reflects your personal style!

There you have it. A guide to a Sloanie Girl gallery wall. Remember to keep it fun, classy, and Sloanie!