Style Notes: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

Ever since that fateful day when Olivia Palermo entered our lives on MTV’s The City we have not gotten over her impeccable style. This girl (well, lady – she turned 30 on Sunday!) never takes a style misstep and we are determined to figure out how she does it. So, spend a little time with us and let’s discover what makes Olivia’s style so enviable.

She’s not a label lover: Although she is known to wear a label or two, she is said to say that she’s not into labels, but wears things purely on fit and how the items make her feel. If she feels good in an item she wears it. Lesson learned, Sloanies. Labels out, feeling good in.

She never apologizes for her style: Olivia has made some bold fashion statements over the years and she won’t apologize for any of them. When she looks back on her broad sartorial history she can confidently say that she has felt good in every single outfit. Something to aspire to!

She has a well curated taste: Her taste for fashion started when she was a child. She credits her fashionable mother and her mother’s friends for creating her fashion foundation. We wish we had hung out in those circles as little Sloanies.

She keeps things classy: Never will you see Olivia showing too much skin. She’s always modest and keeps things super classy. Her favorite accessories include a great pair of sunglasses and pointed toe flats. A girl after our own heart.

Now that we’ve let you in on these tidbits we think it’s time you do some Olivia gawking over on our Pinterest. Yes, we have a board completely dedicated to this fashionista. Have fun exploring all of her best looks! We add more weekly!