Friday Fancies Vol. 24

It isn’t summer unless you {at least once} make a late night cone run. Whether you’re a full-on ice cream toppings person, a sorbet eater, or an “only vanilla please” type of ice cream guzzler we feel you! America is great for so many reasons, but may we testify that the USA has some of the best ice cream shops {big and small} around?! Yes, we think we can. Here are some of the many ice cream creameries that ‘Merica has to offer:

The first on our tempting taste bucket list is Kilwin’s Ice Cream. The frozen brand has been in business since 1985 and all the while creating over 40 decadently sweet ice cream flavors. Aside from ice cream flavors {have you tried their Butter Pecan or Georgia Peach?} they make fudge, apple and corn brittle, and not-to-mention various tempting marshmallow indulgences. Not to fret, if there isn’t a Kilwin’s near your backdoor, you can order online today and dig in tomorrow. Believe us; it’s worth the extra shipping.

If you’re in the Seattle Washington area (or online) swing by Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream store—we swear you’ll never think about ice cream the same way again! What makes Molly Moon’s so special? Well other than the cutesy name, Molly Moon has a go-getter staff that put the personal touch in every step of the ice cream making process. From the flavor idea conception to their delivery service—Molly Moon’s goes the extra mile. Plus, where else can you buy Stumptown Coffee & Vegan Cherry Chunk ice cream? We thought so!

For those who live in the Ohio and Pennsylvania region they must know the name and reputation of Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt. After all, their ice cream makes up for the area’s harsh winters and often overheated {or wet!} summers. What makes Handel’s the bomb? More than likely it is their tasty history as the brand was born back in 1945 when Alice Handel began selling her homemade ice cream at her hubby’s gas station. Today, summer, fall, winter, and spring there are always lines forming outside the frozen shoppe. Handel’s tasters know how to indulge in the brand’s vast flavors from Heavenly Hash right down to Coconut Almond Fudge Ripple. Yum.

Other tastefully American made ice cream parlors are: Better Scoop in Englewood, FL; The Comfy Cow in Louisville KY; Salt and Straw in Portland, Oregon; and Churn in Phoenix, AZ.

Make sure you stop by one of your favorite creameries this Sunday July 19th for National Ice Cream Day!

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