Interiors Update: Sumptuous Succulents

house plant tips

how to add plants to your homeLooking to smarten up your sitting room or bring some inspiration to your study? We’ve been obsessed with indoor plants and succulents since the summer, and we love the way a carefully-placed pot or basket can transform a corner of a room into an instantly more stylish space. And they’re not just for looking pretty: plants can help absorb humidity and emit oxygen, promoting positive feelings, reducing stress, raising concentration levels and refreshing the air. Oh – and these little suckers are virtually impossible to kill. What’s not to love?

how to decorate with cacti

A brightly-colored bowl of cacti looks fabulous as a table centrepiece or as an inspiring bathroom decoration. Bring a little taste of Mexico to the home with this simple, striking project. This particular arrangement includes the vibrant ruby ball cacti – aren’t they darling?

house plant tips

Stuck with an awkward corner in a room – too small for a piece of furniture but too big to be left unfilled? A large house plant in a simple, neutral-colored pot brings an instant sense of synergy to your space. It will also give the entire room an expensive feel, whilst also bringing about a sense of general order and cleanliness. So zen.

how to decorate with house plants

A leafy arrangement on your coffee table and a sprawling houseplant on a side table brings a flash of exotica and an effortless style upgrade to your sitting area – especially if you’ve previously kept this area neutral and monochrome and now fancy an injection of color. We’re also in love with the gallery wall behind this sofa: a beautifully eclectic mix of media: maps, portraits, diagrams and artwork – all in simple frames and hung collage-style.

succulent terrarium diy

Fancy a mini-project? Terrariums are tiny little cacti habitats, made from dinky little glass ornaments. You’ll need to fill your terrariums with sand and fine gravel, and then plant up your dolls-house size succulents in special cactus compost, before setting them somewhere in direct sunlight, like your bedroom window. These little guys just made us feel relaxed looking at them.

house plants for the bathroom

Hanging baskets feel especially tropical, with their lush green vines and leaves tumbling down. Hang yours by the bathroom window and enjoy a jungle-inspired bathtime with the sunlight glowing through the leaves. Blissful!

Do you have a cacti fixation or a longing for succulents? Share your green-fingered creations with us over on Instagram – just tag us @SloaneRanger and we’ll regram the ones we love the most.

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