Last Minute Halloween Treats

It’s Friday, Halloween is tomorrow, you’ve already gotten your costume ready, but now you have to come up with a Halloween treat for that party you’ve been invited to. What ever shall you do? Don’t fret, we’ve rounded up three simple Halloween treats that even the least experienced baker can handle. Consider it our Halloween favor to you.

Chocolate and Vanilla Mummy Cupcakes: These guys are the cutest! Super simple too! Just bake up your favorite chocolate cupcake mix, frost with a flat frosting kit, and add some candy eyes.

Last Minute Halloween Treats

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats: These are a sure crowd pleaser. Rice Krispie Treats are quick and easy to make and these are no exception!


Halloween Puppy Chow: Your party hosts will love you for bringing this treat! It’s a fan favorite. The most effort you’ll have to make for this is going to the store and purchasing the ingredients.

Well, there you have it, Sloanies, three simple Halloween treats to bring to the party! Happy Halloween!