Long Hair, Don’t Care – Sloanie Looks For S/S 14

With everything from Coachella to the Royal Tour inspiring a new wave of stunning springtime looks for your tresses, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of our favorite ways to style your hair this spring. And the good news is they’re mostly very easy looks to pull off – hurrah!  

Milkmaid Braid 

preppy hairstyles milkmaid braid tutorialMilkmaid Braid + Tutorial

This was a massive look at Coachella this spring, and a boho style favored by Sloanie beauty Sienna Miller (pictured center). The true beauty of the milkmaid braid? You can leave it in for days if you’re partying desert-style in Cali. It’ll also keep you cool in the heat and it only looks more whimsical and romantic as strands start to come loose. Keep it fresh with a can of dry shampoo and you’re festival-ready! This one’s super easy, too. Part your hair down the centre and tie into two braids, and then use bobby pins to secure each braid close to the scalp. Flower garlands optional.

Kate’s Chignon

kate middleton hairstyle chignon

This was our standout style for Kate during the Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand. A fresh departure from her trademark long flowing tresses, Kate wore her hair up in a loose chignon for the Governor General reception. Great for staying cool but chic in hot climes and keeping your hair up off the shoulders if you want your dress to do the talking, this chic style looks gorgeous with a pair of drop earrings. You’re going to need a tutorial for this one, and possibly an extra pair of hands…

Surfy Sun-Kissed Color

alessandra_gisele sunkissed style hair highlights for sloaniesinspiration from @alessandaambrosio and @giseleofficial

A wild and natural look is big news this season, which is great for all those low-maintenance gals out there. The dip-dyed ombre is still in, and Sloanies keep their beachy locks in top condition by making sure their colorists only treat regrowth when they visit the salon – this limits unnecessary damage as well as saving time and money. Celebrity stylist Josh Wood says that “color should always be a little accidental and not too perfect, as if the hair has been surf and sun exposed. Keeping your tips lighter than the roots is a great way to maintain that sunny summer finish.”

The Messy Braid

messy braid hairstyle for sloane ranger prepsvia

We told you it was all about low-fuss this season, didn’t we? Braids are here to stay for 2014, whether they’re fishtails or milkmaids – and we couldn’t be happier. Whether that plait is glossy or matte, tease it around a little – it needn’t be perfect. Loose, soft tendrils to frame the face bring a fuzzy, folklorish look that was all over the catwalks earlier this year.

So there we have it.  4 major hair trends for spring and summer.  So what will be your go-to for the season?  Let us know in the comments below!