Nauti Spring Break Essentials

Welcoming the month of March means welcoming the notion of the start of the spring break season. Spring break is the ideal time of year for you to have a little tropical destination get-away. Whether you are planning a three day weekend beach trip, or a full out rowdy one week spring break vacation there are certain essentials you’ll need to have handy.

We here at the Sloanie HQ like to getaway too, but we prefer to pack for our travels the preppy way. Naturally, we composed a preppy, nautical packing list for you all to go by before getting ready to run to the beach.

Let’s begin.

  1. Swimwear: Swimwear is a must when it comes to preppy packing. We heart anything by Ralph Lauren, but we are also pretty fond of this pineapple print bikini too.
  2. Flip flops: Nothing makes us more upset then burning our tootsies on the hot pavement and on the sultry sand. Therefore, we need to wear these Tori Burch flips flops. Really, they are just perfect!
  3. Beach bag: We must confess, we don’t travel light. Not by any means. So, we prefer to carry it all in one of our very own carry-all totes the Crab Weekender. It’s a classic.
  4. Sunnies: Sunglasses come in rather handy when you are spring breaking it. Meaning, they block out the sun, but also sunglasses also help hide the ‘last night’s party eyes’ too. Keeping it youthful, pick out shades in fun hues and cute shapes like these pink heart shape sunglasses.
  5. Wallet: You’ll want to keep your keys, hotel key, money, and cellphone close at all times while you’re away. Luckily, we have some pretty adorable wallets. Our newest favorite is the Banana Leaf Smartphone Wallet. You won’t lose a thing.
  6. Beach Towel: If you’re dipping in the pool, swimming in the ocean, or soaking up the sun on the beach you are going to need a big beach towel. Look for ones with bold colors and punchy prints. We like polka-dots, but that is just us!
  7. A Purse: You’ll probably want to do a little shopping on your trip too. Not to worry, we have the purse that is small enough to pack for the trip, but roomie enough to carry your daily needs – our Surf’s Up crossbody bag. Hang ten!
  8. Travel makeup brushes: For the nights you’ll be spending out on the town you are going to want your makeup to be on point! Don’t forget to pack a set of travel makeup brushes so you can you look your vacation finest!
  9. Beachy shorts: You’re on vacation! So, why not dress like the beach? Can you say, Lilly Pulitzer Ellie shorts? We can! Let us know what print you pick. We adore the Sea Blue Flirty Sea.
  10. Cosmetic pouch: Pack up your cosmetic bag with all your vacation essentials. Remember, you’ll need aspirin, suntan lotion, lip balm, makeup, gum, and the works. Stash all your essentials in our Crab Cosmetic Pouch. Pinch Pinch.

Alrighty, beach bums, call on your inner mermaid and let’s hit the beach!