New Year, New You!

We’ve been busy writing our resolutions for 2015 and thought we’d share some inspiration. You may be stuck for a few ideas and might be keen to try setting some slightly different targets this time around – we certainly are. New Year’s resolutions are so often focused on being hard on ourselves, and while any true prepster wants to be the very best version of themself, the key to true Sloanie-style confidence is fulfillment and happiness. This is all about engaging with the world around you through generosity, self-kindness and gratitude. You won’t find any confident and happy Sloanie suffering through a punishing diet regime or depriving herself of the rest she needs, for example, because she knows these things will limit her potential to shine.

Switch Off and Switch ON

Are you really ‘present’ in all the moments you should be devoting your awareness to fully? Whether you’re having coffee and a catch up with friends or out walking in the countryside, some of us fail to ever completely detach from our iPhones and Blackberrys. Being attached to your device from waking up till lights-out is proven to affect the quality of your sleep for one thing, and we’re becoming an increasingly anti-social generation as apps, social networking and technology continue to reign supreme. Set some boundaries with your technology if you think it might be affecting your well-being or that of those around you.

Be Kind

Make acts of kindness part of your nature rather than the ‘random’ events they can so often become. From calling up your grandparents when you’d rather be sleeping to offering a stressed out neighbour some help with their kids, it costs nothing and can mean so much. Pay a compliment. Hold open doors. Always show your gratitude, and write your thank-yous. Share food. Send letters and postcards. Try to do these things for the simple joy of doing it, and without expectation – what goes around comes around.

Drink More Water

If there’s one universal health and beauty tip that all doctors, models, yogis, athletes and life’s general go-getters will all agree on, it’s water. Drink more of it. Get yourself a nice water bottle with an in-built filter, and work your way through that till lunchtime. Then refill, and repeat as necessary. Make water your new habit and you’ll reap the benefits, inside and out.

Try Something New

If not now, then when? Not only will trying out a new hobby, skill or sport open up a window for greater fulfillment in your life, socially it gives you another whole avenue of discussion topics! True Sloanies are interesting and interested people, engaged with their environment and keen to experience new things. Tell someone what you plan to try in 2015, and get them to hold you accountable by checking up on your progress. If it doesn’t work out – never mind! The least you’ll gain is a good dinner party story, whether your tale is of a burned soufflé in cookery class or falling asleep at yoga!

Let us know your New Year’s resolutions by dropping us a comment below or tweeting us @SloaneRanger – we’ll always retweet our favorites!