Pin-spiration For Your Preppy Pinterest Boards

What to pin for spring

Pinterest is the go-to place for all things that require inspiration. Basically, whatever you like, love, do, or follow there is a pin or rather a picture for your needs. As of April 2014, there were over 30 billion pins pinned on the social networking site. Those numbers have only increased within the last 2 years. Amazing, right? There is a pin for everything. So, with all the pin-spiration online it sometimes becomes overwhelming on what to pin. Listen closely as there is a method to the pinning madness–we think!

We at Sloanie HQ love to pin. Have you visited our boards lately? We agree 100% that there is often a dilemma on what to pin and who to follow on Pinterest. Therefore, we have made a pin-system of sorts. We breakdown our boards by what we love, who we are, and what’s occurring seasonally. Obviously, we are all about preppy street style, of-the-moment bloggers, British culture, The Royals, and of course, travel. Also, we keep tabs on different holiday decorations, table settings, and recipes. With Easter being in the distant review mirror, we started pinning for that holiday along with spring ideas a few months back to build up our content and our follower’s anticipation. See? There is a method to the madness!

It helps if you have a pinning system underway when you go about creating your personal Pinterest face. We recommend starting off with a few boards/topics that you are truly passionate about and build the boards up with great pictures and exciting content. Next, find and follow other pinners that share your same passion. Interact with them, like their pins, and follow back. This will lead to pin-friendships and the opportunity for your pictures to get re-pinned to other boards increasing your Pinterest superstar status.

Now that you are well on your way to becoming a Pinterest diva (or maybe you already are) we have some what-to-currently-pin ideas to help you out of your pinning slump or jumpstart your pinning venture.

  • Giant Floaties: Summer is almost here–we can already smell the sunscreen! You are going to want to throw one heck of a pool party and giant pool rafts are still all the rage. Build a Pinterest board around the concept of awesome pool toys. Look to pin giant flamingos and cool pizza rafts.
  • Beach DIY: In order to hit the beach in style, you are going to need a stylish beach towel. There are some fun beach towel DIY ideas on Pinterest. We love the Tye-Dye ones!
  • Travel in Prep: Planning a summer vacation? We have a few preppy places already pinned. Be sure to checkout our Preppy Places board.
  • Prep your Sandals: Feel like prepping your Jacks? Pinterest is the place to do that!
  • Nautical Y’all: Nothing says summer like a few nautical pins. We have a board for that–Anchors Away.
  • Flower Power: Pinterest just may be the prettiest place (aside from a garden) to stop and look at the flowers. Our Flora Pinterest board happens to be one of our prettiest.
  • Monograms: Pinterest is flooded with monogramming ideas and methods. If it’s not moving, we say monogram it!

Preppy pinners, we think you are now well on your way to pinning all summer long. Remember, don’t get too caught up in your pins that you miss the sunny season! Happy pinning!

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