Plan on Fall

As soon as September hits you can plan on pumpkin spice lattes, fall foliage, warm apple spice donuts, puffy vests, and plump pumpkins. For many, September and the months that follow mark the beginning of a “new year” academically, professionally, and of course, the agenda-ly speaking.  Retailers such as Target, Office Depot and brands such as Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade strategically launch their new line of agenda calendars at the start of fall. It is done with the intention to inspire busy bees such as yourself to make the start of a new work/school year (& new workload) a productive one.

Long gone are the days of flimsy plain agenda calendars. Today, planners, date books, and agendas are vibrant, colorful, full of life (especially yours), and stylish. It appears that everyone has their own version of an it agenda and everyone has their own preference to what they like. Really, there are Instagram accounts dedicated to planners with cult followings. So, what about you? Not sure what agenda matches your needs? We have a preppy look at some top grade planners that each bring its own unique A Game.

  • The Desk Buddy. Not all planners are meant to be carried to and fro. A brightly hued desk calendar from Target, $10 works.
  • Ultimate Prepster. Lilly Pulitzer is known for their Shift Dress, but their planners are second in command. Loving the 2015-2016 Agenda in Scuba to Cuba pink (which will make all the boys wink!)
  • Blue Crush. Simple, but sweet Office Depot has fun yet professional chill planners such as this recycled teal planer, $22.
  • Creative Minds. Who says only logical thinkers need a day planner? Um, so do creative thinkers and why not pen your appointments in a water color tone planner? Target, $18.00
  • Academically Illustrated: We can always count on Kate Spade for peppy and preppy planners like this medium sized eyeglass speckled planner, $30.
  • Personalized Planners: It’s your life! So, why not personalize your own planner? Luckily, Paper Source has dreamed up visionary personalized day planners. And we mean visionary–this custom eyeglass print calendar is dreamy. Paper Source, $50.
  • Stick It: Planning ahead is a good thing. With blank wall calendar decals available at Staples, you can plan four months ahead. They are colorful too, $23.
  • Gold Foil: Wall calendars are another option as well. If you know where to look, you can also use your stylish wall calendar to opt as wall art too. Paper Source’s wide selection of both patterned & gold foil wall calendars are definitely worth checking into.
  • Polka Dotted: Cross your Ts and dot your polka dots. Another (LARGE) Kate Spade planner we are drooling over is the gold and white polka dot one, retailing for, $36.
  • Inspirational You: Get inspired to win with your workload. Did you know, Etsy has shops that make fun agendas? Like this one from Ninja and Ninja saying, “The best is yet to come.” $18.
  • Design Style: Prince of cool chic, Jonathan Adler has some groovy agendas for you to fill up–at cool prices too, $20.

Inspired yet? You should be! Grab some sticky notes, cool gel pens and mark your calendars. You don’t want to miss a thing (or deadline).