Preppy Fall Activities

Fall Fashion Inspiration

You guys, it is officially fall! Really, we cannot be anymore excited. Really! We are beyond pumped to wear our vibrant puffy vest, plaid shirts, and skinny fitted jeans. Can’t you tell we simply heart fall?

Whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in-between we prepsters know that fall needs to be conquered the preppy way. Who better than us – Sloane Ranger – to dream up some preppy must-do fall activities? We couldn’t think of anyone better either. Without further delay, let’s get this preppy fall season on its way.

  1. Pumpkin latte date: Grab your BF and go on a pumpkin spice latte date. Sipping something seasonal will get you both in the fall spirit. Plus, you can look preppy and stylish too sporting a Sloanie Stripe Side Body purse!
  2. Hayride: If you’re lucky enough to live near the country make an attempt to book a hayride around a farm. Turn the event into an outing by packing a festive lunch. Remember to pass the cider to your friends. The fresht crisp fall air is exactly what y’all need.
  3. Photo shoot: Autumn is a time when even the most ordinary landscapes look beautiful. Capture the beauty of the changing leaves, gourds at the grocery store, and freshly baked pumpkin pies at the bakery. Hurry, fall and its leaves are a short lived type of beauty.
  4. Frame it: Prepsters love to preserve things. Take one of your most prized preppy journals {we have some, here!} and gather a few lovely fallen leaves. Next, paste the leaves into your journal. After the fall foliage withers, you’ll have some tucked away. Safe and sound.
  5. Donate: During the months of October and November local food banks and shelters ask for canned donations to help feed the hungry {orange is the recognized color for hunger}. Do your part–even if it is dropping off a few cans at your grocery store. A little goes a long way.
  6. Bake it: Baking is a given during autumn. We heart pumpkin/apple granola. Try this recipe. It will save you from starving during all those preppy shopping hours.
  7. Bag it: With fall, you’ll be wanting a new wardrobe. Meaning, you’ll be needing something to carry all your goodies in. Investing in a perfectly prep backpack is a wise decision. Sloane Ranger has a wide selection…see for yourself!
  8. Postcard: If you are finding yourself away from home this fall (at school or moved away) send someone back at home a cheery postcard.
  9. Plan a party: Prepsters love a party and with a full moon coming up on October 27th why not plan an autumn party around it? Think hot apple cider, a fireside marshmallow roast, and a scary bedtime story.
  10. Ear Studs: Buy a new pair of earrings. Hey why not!? Sloane Ranger has a foxy option with our golden fox ear studs.

These are only a few of the many festive fall ideas to get you and your friends ready to have the best fall, the best October ever!