Private Jet Etiquette

Private Jet Etiquette

Private Jet EtiquetteThere comes a time in the life of every Sloanie when they receive their first summons: that glittering invitation to travel by private jet. Whether it’s for work or play or a bit of both, there are certain rules for traveling by P-J which simply don’t apply to regular air travel. And whilst there’s no issue with extra leg room and no long wait for your in-flight service when you travel by private jet, it’s important to still behave like a passenger – but a slightly different kind of passenger. Follow our top tips for acing your first flight and you’re sure to get that repeat invitation.

Packing and Timekeeping

Private Jet Etiquette

Show up on time and make sure you’ve checked what luggage you can bring – often light aircraft have tighter baggage allowances per person, so pack light into one of our stylish weekenders and don’t forget to bring a thoughtful thank you gift for your hosts. A box of something yummy to share around the plane is a nice idea – luxury chocolates, for example – but bring a special gift for your host to keep as well. Your hosts aren’t responsible for your in-flight entertainment, so bring a magazine or a book, or load up your Kindle with a few good reads.

Wait Your TurnPrivate Jet Etiquette

It’s unlikely that you’ll be allocated a seat for your flight – and there certainly won’t be boarding passes this time – so hang back and let your hosts board first. It’s likely that they’ll have a favorite seat and you don’t want to make a faux pas before you hit the sky now, do you?

Dress AccordinglyPrivate Jet Etiquette

If you’re traveling for business, dress for work. If your flight is for leisure, go for a laid-back and comfortable look without looking slummy. Pay attention to all those small details: shirts pressed, jeans immaculate, nails freshly painted, jewellery minimal but chic. There’s no need to dress up in heels and skirts – thoroughly impractical in a small cabin!

Switch Off

Private Jet Etiquette

The jet might have WiFi and you probably won’t have to switch off your phone during the flight, but turn your devices to silent and refrain from taking selfies if you can possibly bear it – it can look a little tacky. Unless your host is posting all over Instagram… in which case, go for it (and tag us!) We think it’s reasonable to want to take a few snaps to remember your trip, so ask permission first and check whether your host or hostess is ok with any of those images going on social media.

Talk to the Crew

You don’t get a chance to meet your pilot on a regular flight, but this is a bespoke experience and it’s polite to at least greet them on arrival and thank them as you leave. Likewise, your in-flight steward or stewardess only has you and a handful of others to look after, so feel free to ask them questions about the flight, make modest requests, and generally chit-chat. As with all these tips, follow your hosts’ lead, but beware that blanking the crew could seem a little rude.

Ok jet-setters, you’re good to go!

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