Razzle Dazzle Holiday Nails

The Holidays are the time for your nails to shine. Anything red, sparkly, shimmery, silver, and gold will do the trick. Essie makes a fab Holiday red called Head Mistress. While O.P.I. has one of the best glittery nail polishes named Desperately Seeking Sequins.

True reds, greens, and glitter are all on trend for the festive season ahead, but so is something else–shattered glass. Normally, the phrase shattered glass (especially when pertaining to your cell phone) has a bad connotation. This is not the case with the shattered glass nail trend which is very en vogue right now. Actually, Vogue Magazine recently reported on this rising nail phenomenon.  This newest nail craze is straight from South Korea and one of the leading nail experts, Park Eun Kyung was featured for her on-fleek shattered glass nail designs inside the glossy pages of Vogue.

If you’re not 100% sure about the shattered glass nail thing think again. No matter the color you decide (anything from clear crystal to ice blue) your nails will shimmer and reflect light like well, the Northern Lights. The website Refinery 29 spoke of the trend, “Segments of cellophane reflect light like the faces on a gemstone , which light up the hand like it’s outfitted in diamonds.”

All we can say is, Oh la la. Celebs like Rhianna have sported this look and it is bound to spread to other celebrities, fashion editors, and chic bloggers too!

While, we are still very gaga about the shattered glass nail trend there are other ways to dress your nails for Seasonal Greetings.

It has been expressed–rather whispered that many nail polishes are harmful to our health and may even be linked to cancer causing agents. This past Paris Fashion Week 2015, a new line of natural polish (made from pigments and crushed shells) arrived on the nail scene. Many are calling the newest brand a dream. The name of the natural/non-toxic nail polish is called, Buly 1803 by Ramdane Touhami . Just because the nail polish is made from natural ingredients doesn’t mean that the color of the nail polish suffers. In fact, the line ranges from natural nudes to rich green hues. The trendy (and healthy) polish is about $35 a bottle, but Parisians are buying it in bundles–the smell is supposedly lovely. Voila! 

While European nail polish is dreamy, Sally Hansen can make your nails a dream boat too with their Miracle Nail Gel Polish. The polish comes in a pair, an under coat in whatever color you love along with the top gel clear coat. Each dries in seconds and the manicure is supposed to last for 2 weeks as it fends off the dreaded nail polish chipping occurrence. What we heart about this brand is that Sally’s polish is cost-effective and makes for a great stocking stuffer. May we suggest the color Red Eye?

Fa-la-la-la…we have a list of a few of our other favorite Holiday nail polishes too. We have a lot of favorites!

  1. Essie, Gold Nuggets
  2. Orly, Chunky Color Blast
  3. Dolce & Gabbana, Wild Green
  4. OPI, Suzi Skis
  5. Essie, Forever Yummy