Relax, Take a Bath

Nothing solves problems, heartbreak, stress, and sorrow like a good long soak in a warm, pink, frothy, bubble bath. After all, baths can be so much fun. Not only are they fun, but they have an air of glamour, sophistication, and serenity to them as well.

After you have taken a bath you feel as if your worries and woes have washed down the drain.

Whether you are a  bubble bath, bath fizz/foam, or pipping hot water type of bath girl we have a few products in mind for you to try the next time you hear the tub calling your name. Here’s a list of bath essentials that every girl needs to pamper herself in the tub. Let’s dive in.

  • A large loofah  (preferably, pink!)
  • Bath soap (preferably, something fizzy…and pink!)
  • A sparkly shower cap
  • A scented candle
  • Plush towel(s)
  • Warm cozy robe (preferably, pink and plaid!)

Okay, while you are now officially aware of the bath time essentials we have scoured the internet, brands, and retailers to find some of our favorites.

Are we relaxed yet or should we keep going? Keep going it is then…

So, you have the bath goods. Now you just need a moment to yourself. Remember to grab a good book, a box of chocolates, and a glass of pink champagne. Cheers to you and a good long frothy bubble bath!

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