Royal Tour Update: New Zealand Welcomes Kate, Wills and George

This eight month old baby travels like no other, taking up the entire first class section on his flight to Australia earlier this week as he accompanied his parents on their first royal tour as a family of three. From up-close and personal greetings to some very cute carry-on luggage, here are our top five favorite moments so far from the Royals’ month-long trip down under. 

1. Kate

Kate, Kate, Kate! We’re obsessed. Ok, so she had her own in-flight hairdresser on board with her but even so –  the future Queen still stepped off that 30-hour flight looking fresh as a daisy and totally calm with bouncing baby George in her arms. Hey, perhaps she took our advice and invested in some of that In Transit moisturizer, featured in our Travel Like a Sloanie article a few weeks back. Kate’s arrival outfit was also a lovely nod to the late Lady Diana, William’s mother, who also wore pillarbox red on her first tour of Australia and New Zealand as a new mother back in 1983.


2. Kate’s Brooch

The Queen lent Kate that stunning diamond and platinum silver fern brooch especially for her arrival in New Zealand. The fern is the country’s national symbol, and this particularly sparkly piece of jewellery was gifted to her by the nation at Christmas time in the year of her coronation, 1953. What a lovely touch.


3. Kate Rubbing Noses

As is Maori custom, Kate and William greeted various Kiwi dignitaries by shaking hands and rubbing noses with them. See the pictures here – they’re too adorable for words. And along with meeting traditional Maori warriors dressed in what left rather little to the imagination, Kate managed both cultural experiences with total poise and grace. Atta girl!


4. George’s Kangaroo Backpack

Or rather, William carrying said kangaroo backpack, a gift given on their stopover through Sydney from the Australia Koala Foundation. But don’t even bother looking to purchase one online for that little person in your life – it sold out within hours of Wills being snapped with it in his hand along with his and Kate’s (rather more muted) carry-on luggage.


5. Gorgeous George

He’s a teething toddler and he’s just completed over a day’s air travel, complete with transit stops in Dubai and Sydney. Did this little prince look anything more than a little bit sleepy on arrival in a rather windy and wet Wellington? Nope! He even cracked a smile for the waiting press, and was patiently passed between his parents as they took it in turns to meet and greet their waiting hosts. What a cutie.


Image sources : Daily Mail