Sloanie Does Easter

celebrate easter the sloane ranger style of living

We’re more than halfway through Lent now, and Easter is nearly upon us. Stores are already packed full of chocolaty treats the world over, and London for one is gearing up for a long weekend of sheer indulgence. And since Easter time is synonymous with spring, the Easter weekend is as much a celebration of the incoming summer months as it is a time to see friends and family, take some time off… and eat lots of chocolate. Check out our hot tips below for a totally opulent Easter, Sloanie style. 

Baked Goods

This famous cake shop in pretty Notting Hill does an especially roaring trade in the lead up to Easter, as its well-heeled and trendy clients pop in to buy their hand-decorated Easter cupcakes for friends and traditional simnel cakes for family get-togethers. The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook is a must for any Sloanie kitchen or aspiring cake baker at Easter time, and is packed full of mouthwatering recipes for all manner of muffins, pies and cupcakes.  Time for a Great British bake-off!

Easter Afternoon Tea

What better way to celebrate the long weekend than by grabbing your friends and heading into town for a spot of Afternoon Tea? Several top London hotels put on a special spread for Easter, including Flemings Hotel in the heart of super-swish Mayfair. Their cake stands come to the table piled high with delicate mini Battenberg cakes, scrummy chocolate pots and Easter cupcakes, and it’s being served from Good Friday.

Chocolate Eggs

It’s still very much the done thing in London to surprise friends and family with Easter eggs at this time of year, though quality reigns firmly over quantity in Sloanie circles. And nobody ever said Easter egg hunts were just for kids, either. With chocolate boutiques like Artisan du Chocolat, Montezuma’s and the fabulously-named Choccywoccydoodah all to be found in the capital there’s simply no excuse these days for gifting inferior eggs. Most high-end food stores also boast a range of luxury Easter eggs, and we’re drooling over everything in Green and Black’s range as well as Lindt’s super-decadent Heavenly Hazelnut Easter egg. Trust us, it’s quite the masterpiece.

Spring Decor

Although Easter wreathes are far less common than Christmas wreathes in England, they can still be found hung prettily on some of the smartest doors in London, constructed of delicate woven branches, decorative eggs and pretty pastel blooms. Another cute and kitsch décor option is to put an Easter tree in your front window – a collection of twigs and branches hung with tiny Easter egg decorations, rabbits, ribbons and fluffy chicks. Homes and apartments are full of jam jars and jugs filled with buttery-yellow daffodils at this time of year too, and great swathes of these flowers grow wild in parks and gardens all over England, signalling that spring has once again sprung. So pretty.

Have a wonderful Easter!