Sloanie Fall Gallery Wall

Fall Gallery Wall Inspiration

Fall Gallery Wall Inspiration

Fall is here! Well, almost. Fall’s official start is tomorrow, but we’re celebrating early with a little fall gallery wall inspiration here on the Modern Prep Gazette. We had such fun with our spring gallery wall post, we couldn’t wait to share one for fall. We’ve been compiling it for a few weeks now and are ready to let you in on how to build the perfect Sloanie-approved gallery wall for fall and beyond.

Foxy: Starting from the top. We love a fox print, mainly because the fox is our own little Sloanie mascot. Remember our print from the spring post? You can download it here.

Fashion Fashion Fashion: Fashion illustrations are always a good addition to a gallery wall. We love this one for the gold color and oversized bow. It reminds us of something one of our favorite fashion bloggers – Blair Eadie – would wear.

Feathered Friends: We’ve been fans of the Etsy shop Snoogs and Wilde for what seems like forever now and still can’t get enough of her pretty feather prints. There are so many fun color options and she also has tons of other prints to choose from. Anyone care for a pineapple?

Let’s Cuddle: Short and sweet and all we want to do on chilly fall mornings!

Royal Things:  A gallery wall would not be complete without an appearance by the royal family.

Fall Florals: There’s no reason to give up florals for fall, just check out our Vintage Floral print. Fabulously floral, yet fabulously fall.

Something Sweet: Donuts are always a good idea. On your walls or on your plate. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Leopard: Fall’s other neutral. And yes, you should add these to your closet and your walls this fall.

Tea Time: Yes, it’s our new print hinting at one of our favorite pastimes – tea time! You can download it here. It’s free!

Wildflowers: There’s something so beautiful about wildflowers. Have some wildflowers you want to preserve and frame? Check out this tutorial!

French Braids: There’s something so sweet about this french braid print.

#Preppy: Another Sloanie freebie. Download it here!

Ginger Jars: While we may not have space in our house for the real thing, a print will suffice for now!

Tea Party: The cutest little collection of tea cups we ever did see!

How are you incorporating fall into the home? Subtle things like an updated gallery wall? Or leaves, pumpkins, and other fall finds?