Sloanie Hair Update: Go for the Chop!

The cheeky, elfin bob was always the haircut of choice for bold females of the past like Coco Chanel, but an above-the-shoulder length crop is proving the style of the moment. We’re loving its versatility and fuss-free credentials, offering something for everyone whether that’s a wavy, mussed up look or something blunt and choppier, as seen here on British model Lily Collins. Great eyebrows, too…


It was a hugely popular look towards the end of 2014 but it seems the ‘lob’ (or the long, textured bob to you and me) is here to stay for 2015, too. Brit model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was the latest of our Sloanie icons to join the revolution back in January when she shared a snap of her latest ‘do in Instagram, alongside friend and top London stylist George Northwood – who also created Alexa Chung’s gorgeous long bob in 2014.


Selena Gomez is pioneering the long, textured bob stateside on her own Instagram account, rocking hers with a pair of mirrored shades for added edge, whilst BFF Taylor Swift often wears her lob with big textured waves these days. A ‘wob’, if you will. This is totally an option for those straight haired among us who fancy getting more creative with their long bob, and it’s not too difficult to do at home.
“The long, wavy bob look is very big and will stay that way for a while, as I’m consistently seeing people move toward this easy-to-style look,” says Hollywood hairstylist Edward Tricomi, who describes Taylor’s wob as one of the best options in “clean yet low-maintenance styles,” that still looks young and playful with it. Put simply, “It’s a short hair look without the commitment [since] you can grow out quickly.”


Actress Kate Bosworth also took to social media earlier in the New Year to show off the handiwork of her stylist who chopped a whopping ten inches of her blonde locks away to create her new and updated look. Loving that naturally-tousled style, Kate!


The lob has been in and out of the glossies over the past few years, but most recently made waves in fall 2014. A refreshing alternative to high-maintenance ‘statement’ hairstyles, tricky dye jobs and poker-straight bangs of previous seasons, the lob wooed us with its promise of low-maintenance upkeep. A style that quite possibly looks better the less work you put into it. Hurrah!

Other ‘lobbers’ we heart right now are Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts and Princess Eugenie who are all shaking out shorter locks in 2015. Will you go for the chop next? Be sure to share your selfies with us on Instagram if you do, and follow us @SloaneRanger for your regular dose of preppy inspo.