Sloanie Life Hacks: Be Prepared, Get Organized!

It was still January last time we checked: the month of good intentions, positive resolutions and general reorganization. So we’ve been clearing out our closets, planning our work and social calendars and redesigning our office space, marveling at just how true it is that an uncluttered space leads to an uncluttered mind – and vice versa. So we thought we’d bring you a handy little guide to how Sloanies run their lives in true ship-shape fashion.


Once the very hallmark of an eighties Sloane-about-town, the Filofax keeps moving with the times and is just as much a smart life-accessory now as it was back then. Whether you opt for an original or check out similar options from other luxury retailers like Smythson of Bond Street, your personal organizer is as much a style accessory these days as it is an instrument for perfect life organization and order. British designer Alice Temperley designed a range for Filofax back in 2012 that’s still available now, and it’s nothing short of divine. Pinterest is full of ideas for printable stickers, tabs and charts for your Filofax too, so you can make yours totally personalized to what you’re into.


Feature Storage: Clothes and Accessories

The key to any decluttered and stylish home is attractive and practical use of storage. It’s particularly trendy to make an actual feature of your storage at the moment rather than hiding it away behind doors and under – or inside – furniture, whether you hang your day-to-day outfits on an exposed rail in your bedroom or use open shelf storage in your hallway, packed full of all your useful bits and bobs. If you’re working with limited space, make use of the full height of your walls and get that mess and clutter up and off the floor. Either that, or consider how you might make use of hooks to hang things like handbags and jewelry tidily and prettily from the underside of shelves.


Feature Storage: Admin and Office

Think creatively about how you file your paperwork, for example. If you’re someone who’s regularly drowning in random bits of paper – some important, some not so – then you need to reassess your filing, pronto. We love simple hacks like this wall-mounted filing system: great for stashing things away safely and dealing with them later. Because sometimes we’re just not sure whether we want to keep hold of that catalogue or trash it, ok?

filemasonCute Mason jars get extra preppy points for practicality when they’re used as attractive storage solutions. Whether you’re using them for your brushes, lotions and potions in the bathroom or for stationery bits and bobs in your study, there’s no reason why these guys should be restricted to storing coffee and pasta in the kitchen. Though we are kind of obsessed with our Mason jar lunches right now…

What are your top life hacks for organizing and decluttering without scrimping on style? Tweet us your favorite tips and tricks and we’ll retweet the best of the bunch @SloaneRanger.

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