Sloanie Reads for Spring

preppy style books to read for the summer about the british lifestyle by sloanie

Whether you fancy packing a few good books in your carry-on for Spring Break travel or if your Kindle’s running low on fresh stock, here are a few tips from us on our favorite high-society reads. So go on – make yourself a proper cup of English Breakfast tea and escape for a while to the eccentric and oh-so-sloanie world of the British upper classes. You’re in for a treat! 

The Mitfords – Letters Between Six Sisters by Charlotte Mosley

These six aristocratic sisters took very different paths in life – and none of them without a good deal of glamour and scandal. The sisters’ sparkling letters are full of high-society in-jokes, silly nicknames and great big glimpses into the lives and secrets of the upper crust. Read their witty, heart breaking and fascinating stories as they unfold in the letters they wrote to each other over the course of nearly eighty years.

The Wicked Teenager by Victoria Maher

Less of a novel and more a book full of witty little character sketches, The Wicked Teenager portrays with great humour the many social stereotypes of the upper-middle classes in England, from The Marathon Runner to The Health Faddist. Each social stereotype comes accompanied with a brilliant illustration. A fun book for the coffee table.

Wicked! By Jilly Cooper

From a novelist known for her stories about polo-playing high-society shenanigans comes a hilarious novel about what happens when a top-end boarding school merges with an ordinary comprehensive school in England. And how the two very different Head Teachers get along when their very different worlds collide. Expect plenty of social stereotypes and a big, bold and funny insight into the privileged world of England’s rich kids. It’s an eye-opener!

Snobs by Julian Fellowes

If you enjoy the sorts of characters, scandals and storylines found in British blockbuster series Downton Abbey, you’ll love this modern-day novel written by Downton’s very own creator, Julian Fellowes. Follow the relationships and get in on the secrets of the novel’s key characters as they cavort and meddle in one another’s lives, often to disastrous and cringe-worthy outcomes.

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

The Great Gatsby crosses the pond in this classic English country house novel – the author Evelyn Waugh was actually a contemporary of F Scott Fitzgerald in the 1930s. He paints a picture of similarly decadent and reckless creatures in his novel, set in and around the university city of Oxford. Waugh manages to poke fun at and fascinate his audience simultaneously with the exploits of his characters, particularly wildly eccentric Sebastian and his teddy bear, Aloysius.