Sloanie Trend – The “Ugly” Sandal

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Ugly shoes are having a serious fashion moment right now. But before we say anything else, we want to come out in defence of the nametag. It’s a little harsh, no? But the name has stuck – been embraced, in fact, by the fashion world – and it seems the ugly sandal is here for the summer.  No more nights spent hobbling around barefoot because your stilettoes squeezed your toes too hard, farewell to the vertiginous summer wedge, and no more sinking into lawns on those pesky narrow spiky heels. Hurray for a summer of happy, preppy feet and edgy, yet functional style. It’s definitely time for that pedi… 

Sloane Ranger shoe fashion style is now wide heels for a more comfortable fit


Fashion house Céline is widely touted as the driving force behind the trend, launching a Birkenstock-like offering for SS13 before Isabel Marant brought her own flat, comfy offering – the Holden sandal – to the fore shortly after. Birkenstocks and Doc Martens are now selling like hotcakes, every fashion blogger from London to Timbuktu is rocking the sensible footwear vibe, and even Chanel has sent models down the catwalk in remarkably flat looking shoes recently. Preppy girl and model Alexa Chung loves her ugly sandals, and the Olsen twins have taken to wearing theirs with socks. Chunky, strappy and towering or flat, bold and simple, the ugly sandal has well and truly landed, Sloanies. Gotta love the wonderful world of fashion, hey?

preppies love ugly sandals so they can be a sloane ranger london prep


Not since the advent of the Ugg boot has a preppy footwear trend phenomenon been so darn comfortable, and for a summer of laid-back, low-maintenance style the fashion for simple footwear has prevailed. Flat heels and simple colour-blocked straps have appeared on all manner of famous feet, as well as chunky blocked heels and simple buckle fastenings. It all feels a little retro, buckling up a pair of plastic sandals. It’s reminiscent of a time long ago when we lived in sparkly jelly shoes and begged our moms for the ones with the heels.


 jelly throwback

Birkenstocks are popular with modern southern preppies in sloane ranger fashion style


Sloanie designer and Tatler fashion assistant Phoebe-Lettice Thompson (you may have seen her in Made in Chelsea, too…) is a big advocate of the ugly shoe, embracing the style for herself and incorporating it into her own fashion line, Kawaii. Phoebe loves styling ugly footwear with clothing inspired by the eclectic Tokyo fashion scene. Think plaid skirts mixed up with psychedelic panda print, mini rucksacks, jelly sandals and logo tees.



For summer evenings out in Chelsea we love love LOVE Cara London’s Rosewood block heel sandals in black and gold. As ugly sandals go, these are as pretty as they get. With its simple gold strap and cute ankle fastening they’re striking, wearable and totally on-trend. Pair with your LBD and simple accessories for summer soiree cocktail parties, wear with your maxi dress for picnics in the park, or rock with ankle-length pants and a cute blouse for the ideal day-to-night look. We’re also big fans of Corona in yellow, since you ask…


via Cara London

There’s no denying the ugly sandal has divided the fashion world with its heavy tread. But what do you think – love or loathe? Let us know by dropping us a comment below, and don’t forget to share your footwear snaps on Instagram by tagging us @SloaneRanger and using the hashtag #SloaneRanger