Sloanie’s Favorite Movies & TV Shows

It’s one of those chilly, blustery days where our thought turn to evenings in with friends with a good movie or box set to work our way through. And plenty of popcorn, of course! We’ve plundered our most treasured collections and come up with this winning list of Sloanie movies and shows to get lined up for your next duvet day or girls’ night in.  

Notting Hill


… But of course! This British favorite is set in the heart of London’s super-Sloanie W11 area, starring Hugh Grant in fine bumbling British form as Will Thacker the travel bookshop owner who falls for Hollywood starlet Anna Scott, played by Julia Roberts. This one’s a heart-warming romantic comedy with a host of brilliant characters, filmed all over London. Our favorite has to be Will’s eccentric sister Honey, who rocks some hilarious hairstyles and is obsessed – and we mean OBSESSED – with Anna Scott. Cue some seriously awkward moments and plenty of good old British humor to boot.

Made in Chelsea




A HUGE hit in the UK and now in its eighth season having just finished airing an MIC-NYC summer special, seasons 1-6 are now available on DVD. Which should keep you going for a while. Another one of those structured-reality shows like The Hills or Jersey Shore, MIC started life in 2011 and follows the trials and tribulations (and parties, and brunches, and shopping trips, and weekend breaks…) of a preppy set of Londoners in and around Chelsea. Alumni cast members include fashionista It-girl Mille Mackintosh and jewellery designer Amber Atherton who has personally sold pieces to the Duchess of Cambridge. Other cast members past and present include a diamond-mining heir, assorted fashion bloggers and PRs, and those with more than just passing connections to the Royals. Totes amaze.

Chalet Girl



A real winter warmer of a movie following the story of cheeky London girl Kim who heads out to work as – you guessed it – a chalet girl, for a very rich family with an enormous – you guessed it again – chalet, in the Alps. Unaccustomed to the high-flying habits of the international Sloanie set, the ski season is a steep learning curve for Kim whose unaffected charm attracts the eye of her boss’s son, Jonny (played Gossip Girl’s very own Ed Westwick). Ok, it’s a little predictable but this is a silly, funny, feel-good kinda flick, and sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered! Plus, did we mention the bit about Ed Westwick..?

Downton Abbey



This one’s already been a big hit in the US, and you can now get hold of box sets for seasons one to five – perfect for a long, lazy weekend away or your next flight out of town. Become acquainted with the residents of Downton, both upstairs and downstairs, as you move from the stuffy Edwardian era to the outbreak of WWI, all the way up to the hedonism of the Roaring Twenties in season five. We best love Downton for the stunning costumes and the Dowager Countess’ withering one-liners. Perfection.

What’s your go-to movie or series for kicking back and relaxing with? Drop us a comment or tweet us @SloaneRanger and we’ll retweet some of your top tips.


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