It’s scientifically proven that we’re more likely to stick to resolutions which start midweek rather than on Mondays. So what with all the hype around healthy resolutions at the start of January, we thought we’d wait for midweek, approximately mid-January, to phase in a few new healthy and sustainable habits for 2016. Here are three health kick tips to try that won’t fall by the wayside…


Hard core health gurus have long extolled the virtues of coconut oil for anything from haircare to pet care, but it’s only just becoming a mainstream cookery staple. Sold as a solid foodstuff by the jar, pure virgin coconut oil is now being used as the healthier alternative to frying with oils and butters. It’s metabolism-boosting and one of the richest available sources of saturated (good) fat, plus it’s got mega anti-infection-busting properties thanks to its high Lauric Acid content. But our favorite thing about of coconut oil? The fact that you can cook with it, and produce sugar free, dairy free, DELICIOUS slabs of chocolate. This is not a drill. We’re obsessing over this nutty chocolate bark recipe from Oh She Glows. So easy and so moreish. We literally can’t get enough!

The Body Coach


Something else we’re a little obsessed by right now is Londoner Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach. An Instagram sensation, @TheBodyCoach is the social media account behind the extremely successful 90 day SSS weight loss program. Not your average calorie-controlled diet, Joe’s ethos is all about a solid education in fat loss and nutrition. His graduates eat more and work out less than those on other weight loss programs, and his bestselling Lean in 15 book only deals with meals and workouts that take – you guessed it – fifteen minutes or less to complete. We like the sound of this! Follow him on Instagram for your daily dose of high-octane health inspo.



Great health is just as much about nourishing our minds as it is caring for our bodies, and this is an attitude becoming ever more prevalent in the media – hurrah! Despite the fact that its principles have been around for millennia, mindfulness is still seeping into popular awareness, with celebs like our beloved Emma Watson praising the power of Buddhist-inspired meditation. Fancy a piece of the inner-peace? This book right here is your first port of call. With friendly advice and practical instructions for everyone from the manically overworked to the mildly stressed, Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World is just what the doctor ordered.
What are your fail-safe health tips for 2016? Share the love with us on Twitter and we’ll retweet the best advice throughout the rest of January. Still not following us on social media? We’re @SloaneRanger on Twitter and Instagram – let’s be friends!