Sloanie’s Pick: Healthy Apps For Your iPhone

Health Apps recommended for iphone

With the excesses of Easter and Spring Break behind us, now is the time that Sloanies turn their attention to wellness and inner health before the summer season really kicks in. We blogged a few weeks back about flawless beauty on the Fashion week circuit, and never has fitness been more fashion-friendly, with sports-luxe looks popping up all over the catwalks from New York to London to Milan and trends like yoga and clean eating going mainstream. Strong is the new skinny these days, and we want to share with you some of the best apps out there to help you on your mission to summer health and beach beauty – for the body and the mind. 

Headspace (FREE)

Ex-Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe started the Headspace movement after coming home from living in a Tibetan monastery and wanting to share the simplicity and power of meditation with the masses. With normal, stressed-out city folk. People who find they’re living their lives mindlessly, without ever allowing themselves to stop and smell the roses. Those who feel they’re too busy and under too much pressure to devote any time and energy to their own inner wellbeing. Sound familiar? The free app delivers ten bitesize meditations guided by Andy himself, and his fanbase of millions now includes celebrities such as Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Time to get some Headspace!

Clean Eating Recipes ($3)

It’s all about eating clean in London right now. Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whitely credit clean eating guru James Duigan with their hot bods, so we’re keen to know about any apps he rates for diet and wellbeing. James is the creator of the Bodyism system and has written several books about eating clean, and this is one of his personal favourite apps. Eating clean, according to Duigan, “avoids food that’s been made in a factory, stripped of its natural goodness and pumped full of man-made preservatives, which your body has a really hard time breaking down.” This app is full of up-to-the-minute recipes and suggested shopping lists for a clean and lean lifestyle.

Waterlogged (FREE)

Want a really natural glow? Suffering from headaches and poor sleep patterns? Drink some more water. It’s as simple as that, but so many of us struggle to take on our two litres a day. With an app like Waterlogged you can track and record your daily liquid intake, setting yourself goals and visualising your daily targets in a neat and stylish interface. So many of us are goal-oriented these days, it can actually become quite addictive tapping that water bottle icon and watching the level rise as you finish another glass of the cold stuff. Bottoms up, Sloanies!

Yoga Studio ($3)

‘Free your yoga,’ says this app that allows you to take your yoga class with you wherever you go. With over sixteen hours of yoga tuition with tutorial videos and advice on over 280 different yoga poses, we love this little app as a helpful addition to our weekly yoga session. With a choice of durations and the option to set your own ability level, this app also offers a ‘video stitching’ feature which creates a record of every class you take as a seamless video of the different poses you choose to do. So if one class works well, you can do it again in the exact same way next time. The interface is uncluttered and stylish too, so you can fully focus on your practice without the interruption of music or other distractions.