Sloanie’s Tasty Post-Christmas Recipes

Post Christmas Recipes

To us, Christmas is all about good food, great friends, family fun and warm hospitality. So whether you’ve got your girlfriends round for a post-Christmas day of movies, or your family descending for an afternoon of presents and games, here are our favorite ways to use up that leftover Christmas turkey. Simple, attractive and healthy meal inspo coming right up: meals that’ll please your visitors without anyone having to slave away in the kitchen all day. Because Christmas, most of all, is about spending time with the ones we love.

Boxing Day Quesadillas

Got friends or family over for Boxing Day? Keep things simple and fun with these yummy turkey quesadillas. This one is a lighter and more stylish alternative to the stodgy turkey and cranberry sandwich, and if you’re feeling super lazy you can set out all the ingredients and let your guests serve themselves before settling in for an afternoon of Netflix and chill. All you need in stock is leftover shredded turkey (check!), soft tortillas, cranberry jelly, a soft cheese like brie or Camembert, and a few sprigs of thyme if you fancy it. Spread a tortilla with a thin layer of cranberry, layer up with shredded turkey and thin slices of cheese before sprinkling with thyme. Top with another tortilla before frying gently in a pan on both sides, returning to a wooden board, and slicing into grab-sized wedges. Grub’s up, team!

Thai-Style Turkey and Coconut Soup

Post Christmas Recipes

A fragrant and cleansing lunch for those who’ve overindulged and fancy a bowl of something simple and aromatic. Ahhh! You’ll need a few herbs and spices in store for this one – see here for the full ingredients list from British chef Jamie Oliver. This is a great one for kick starting clean eating habits on New Year’s day, and looks gorgeous garnished with lemon wedges and coriander leaves. Perfect.

Moroccan Turkey Salad

Post Christmas Recipes

Simplicity is key at this time of year – especially if you’ve invited the troops round. This middle-eastern inspired dish looks totally fabulous and offers a fresher way to finish off that mound of tasty turkey in the refrigerator. Just add shredded pitta bread, olive oil, diced and fried eggplant, harissa paste, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, pomegranate seeds and a few sprigs of mint – or anything else you’re craving. Serve from a large, brightly colored dish and a big serving spoon, and invite everyone to dig in.

With these three recipes up your sleeve, Sloanies, you can’t fail to delight your Christmas guests. Bon appetit!