So Where Did You Go To College?


In the US it might be all about Yale, Harvard and Columbia, but the UK also offers a whole host of preppy university options to the Sloanie sophomore from both home and abroad. And while the States are looking ever more attractive to bright Brits like Emma Watson who transferred between Oxford and Brown before graduating last summer, the UK still has a huge share of historical educational institutions that remain firm favorites with the Sloanies both sides of the pond. So here’s a rundown of the UK’s top colleges for the poshest of prepsters, including all their most notable alumni.







It would be easier to list the influential world figures who hadn’t spent some time at Oxford or Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge) Universities at some point, though these world-class and centuries-old establishments have had to compete more hotly with the likes of Edinburgh and London Universities for the brightest students in recent decades. Prince Charles attended Cambridge in the late sixties when Royals were granted a place regardless of the grades they achieved, though today the admissions procedures are a little fairer. The two Universities are arch rivals in every academic and sporting pursuit imaginable, including the annual Boat Race that takes place every spring in London. Oxford Blue, the university’s sporting colour is a traditional navy blue whereas Cambridge Blue is a paler hue with a green tint. Confuse at your peril!

St. Andrews



Famous now for being the place where Kate Middleton met her Prince, St. Andrews has now secured its place in the hearts of Sloanies forevermore. Situated on the east coast of Scotland and almost as old as Oxford and Cambridge in its heritage, St. Andrews is a quaint university town with a far cozier atmosphere than the hustly bustly cities of Newcastle or Leeds. If you want free entrance to St. Andrews Castle, throw on your Harry Potter style undergraduate gown and you can stroll straight in…

Royal Agricultural University



How about this for a statistic: RAU graduates are responsible for either owning or managing 80% of the UK’s farmland. In short, this is where country Sloanies learn how to run the big rural farms and parks they’ll either inherit, purchase or marry into on day. Situated in the beautiful Cotswold Hills a few miles from the Roman spa town of Cirencester, its students are a fun and friendly bunch who spend their weekends horse-riding, shooting, fishing and generally getting rosy cheeks in the great outdoors. Everyone knows everyone here by the third year, and standard uniform consists of tweed, corduroy and Hunter wellies.