Tally Ho, it’s Polo Season!


May to September is officially polo season in the UK, and this means a packed out calendar of matches all over the country’s smartest locations. From Windsor Great Park under the watchful gaze of the Queen’s residence Windsor Castle to the green, green hills of Gloucestershire, this five month period is a social whirl for Sloanies on the polo circuit. And whilst dress codes for spectators are all about dressing to impress, we want to focus on the wonderfully preppy style inspired by the polo players themselves.

It’s a rare style that can be adopted by girls as well as guys, and the basics are all wonderfully simple, accessible pieces that will mix and match with all of your existing wardrobe to give it an instant preppy update. So, let us guide you through the staple garments of a polo-inspired wardrobe: the great news is, it needn’t call for an expensive visit to Ralph Lauren!


Leather, tall and best in chestnut or a darker brown rather than harsh black. A bit of brassy metal ware or buckles optional, but desirable. Alternatively, deck shoes look great with jeans, chinos and shorts – but no visible socks, please!


Skinny fit denim or chinos are best here. Full length, capris or ankle grazers – you pick what suits you best. Bold colors will give your polo get-up an instant pop of Kate Middleton glam, and white is the preppiest shade of all if you’re going for an all-out Chelsea look. Though not after Labor Day, obvs…


Belts need to be black or brown leather and well-looked after, if you please. Tip: a good-quality belt will smarten up a cheaper pair of pants effortlessly. Either this, or go for a traditional Argentinian Polo Belt from Gaucho, as seen on just about anybody who’s anybody. They’re great with cutoffs in the summer time, too.


High-end labels are totally unnecessary here if yours is long-sleeved, tucked-in loosely and pressed to perfection. Pair reliable white with bold-colored bottoms, or bold colors on top if you’re going monochrome below the waist. Plaid is a great shirt fabric for more laid-back polo dressing. Top with a v-neck or round-neck oversize sweater on colder days, with sleeves rolled back for a more relaxed feel. Cashmere optional but – as always – preferred.


Whether you root out your faux fur vest from winter or opt for a lighter quilted puffa or tweed material, gilets add practical glamor to your polo-inspired style. Loving the stacked pearls and bright pink jersey she’s rocking here. This would look jolly nice with one of our Chelsea Totes


Jewellery will add a feminine edge to a look that’s quite masculine overall, so throw on your pearl earrings or drape yourself in something floral, twinkly or pastel-hued from J Crew. Other accents that work well with the polo look are brassy gold bangles in stacks – see our collection of bangles for more inspo. Kate Middleton and co are big fans of Longchamp totes when they’re off duty but out-and-about, though anything leather and satchel-like scores points on the polo pitch, too.

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