The Cable Knit Crew – Guest Post

Hey babes! My name is Sloane (ha!) and I write the fashion and travel blog, Sailing the Sea of Style. I am a longtime fan of Sloane Ranger and I am stoked to be writing this fun article. Today I will be talking about the cable knit sweater. Once this sweater was a strictly preppy look paired with plaid and known as an irish knit or fisherman sweater. Whilst, this staple is a still a classic piece it works for almost anyone. Below I shared two easy ways to wear the sweater. 1- paired with leather and sneakers and 2- paired with camel and denim. The cable knit has become a street style star as preppy influences more edgy or menswear style. I have been a huge fan of the cable knit since my early years living near the water and growing up in New England. Both my older brother and dad always have a fisherman sweater in their own closets.

Over the years, my own style has become more edgy and not too be cliche- but “me”. I cannot simply define what my style is but the fisherman sweater will always be a staple in my wardrobe. Now, be sure to shop below easy ways to style your own cable knit and of course keeping the conversation going- insta or tweet me the ways you are wearing your cable knit with the hashtag- #STSSxSloaneRanger. And as always, email me if you need any styling advice!

hanging out in my cable knit crew sweater, jeans and sneakers for a relaxing day

my cable knit sweater looks great with the pants and camel coat I paired it with for my personal sloane ranger fashion style


  • I love your edgy take on such a classic piece!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

  • Tia

    Great post! Cable knit sweaters are so classic, cozy, and versatile!