Flocking With The Flamingo Trend

Flamingo Float


Long ago, in the sense of traditional home decor and in the name of sensible stylish dressing, flamingos were frowned upon. Do you remember seeing those tacky plastic birds in all of the old ladies’ lawns and gardens? We do and we were puzzled by the plastic pink bird’s purpose. However, with hipsters, trendsetters, crafty crafters, and the influence of the resort lifestyle we have changed our mind about the flamingo. After all, a tall, skinny, pink bird that eats shrimp all day? Talk about living the dream!

With spring fully upon us, we are embracing our inner flamingo both inside our homes and inside our closets. Truly, there is no limitation on flamingo these days. Nope, you can find everything from flamingo printed pillows to flamingo flocked tops. Consider yourself flocked as we have stocked up on this pink trendsetter bird.

  • Pretty walls: Wall papering a wall or all the walls in a room of your home is currently a mega trend. Match this wallpaper trend with the flamingo craze and you have yourself a winner. No glue is needed with this flamingo printed wallpaper, because it’s a stick-on wall decal from Domino Magazine.
  • Dine in pink: Cutlery never looked so chic with flamingo printed dinnerware from an Etsy Shop called, Yvonne Ellen.
  • Bold swim: Okay, we are a tad obsessed with the yellow and pink flamingo silk screen Moschino bathing suit.  Aren’t you!?
  • Preppy bird: Add a flock of pink and green to your hair with Lilly Pulitzer’s fun flamingo print hair band.
  • Pretty pillow: Your patio never looked this preppy or this pink–West Elm has the cutest assortment of outdoor pink flamingo pillows.
  • Flamingo Prints: Adding flamingo prints to your bare walls is one way to bring Palm Beach to your home address.
  • More prints: Speaking of punchy pink pictures, Evelyn Henson has some darling Flamingo illustrations in her new Spring/Summer 2016 collection.
  • Go bold: Really want to love the flamingo movement? This Mod Cloth Flamingo print dress is flipping-amazing. If we do say so ourselves.
  • Floatie: This wouldn’t be the ultimate flamingo-must-have list without including the ever popular flamingo floaties. You have all seen them–not-to-mention wished you had one!
  • Sipping: Say cheers with a fun flamingo summertime sipper.
  • Call the tropics: Get tropical with Casetify’s tropical (yes, flamingo) hard-shell design iPhone case.

So, it’s just not us who has been aware of the rising flamingo phenomenon. It’s true, preppy people love flamingos. If you want to embrace the flamingo trend ever so slightly, Kate Spade offers a tiny trinket–a flamingo charm for your charm bracelet. Certainly we need it to add to our rapidly growing list of flamingo finds.

The great thing about embracing the flamingo fad is that you can do so anywhere. Palm Beach doesn’t have to be near your zip code in order for your home and/or daily outfit attire to look resort chic. Incorporating flamingos into your life can be done gradually with a cute flamingo top and a solid color pair of shorts. Thinking about sprucing up your bathroom? The bold flamingo wall decal (mentioned above) might be the solution to bringing the tropics indoors. Either way, consider yourself flocked–the flamingos have landed and it looks like they are here to stay.

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