Three New Year Must-Reads

Girl on the train

One of our 2016 resolutions on the blog last week was to read more widely. While novels create new and intriguing worlds to delve into and explore, autobiographies usher us into the fascinating and chequered lives of real people: modern-day heroes and heroines, historical figures who’ve shaped our futures. The perfect Sloanie reading list, in our opinion, is a balanced diet of fiction and non-fiction – oh, and something light to make us smile, too. So this week, as those Christmas decorations come down and we return to work and school, we’ve put together a reading list comprising the perfect balanced diet of literary nutrition. We’ve got something silly, something serious, and something utterly gripping for you here. Kindles at the ready!

The Girl on the Train

We. Can’t. Even. This one had us up way past our bedtime over Christmas, compelled from the very first page to the last sentence. Rachel is the girl on the train, battling her own demons and fixated on gazing into the homes of others from the window seat of her daily commuter train into London. Is poor Rachel seeing things… or is something not quite right behind closed doors of one of those houses? Told from three different perspectives, this is a complex and totally addictive thriller with London and the suburbs as its backdrop. If you liked Gone Girl, you’ll love this.

I Am Malala

I am Malala

We’re fascinated by the life of the inspiring Malala Yousafzai: she was the 14-year old girl who stood up for education, was shot by the Taliban and recently won the Nobel Peace Prize. Now aged 18 and living in England, Malala left Pakistan in a critical condition having been shot in the head by a Taliban rebel out to wreak revenge on her activist father. Her life is now dedicated to campaigning for girls’ education. Learn about her humble beginnings in rural Pakistan, and the events that led to her near-assassination. Already being taught in schools across the UK, her story is predicted to become as iconic as the diary of Anne Frank.

The Prince George Diaries

The Prince George Diaries

Ok, so it’s not technically an autobiography – this is of course a work of fiction masquerading as the actual diary of two-year-old His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. A satire on the daily happenings in the life of Prince George and his family, from cavorting with Uncle Harry to having serious talks with the Great-Grandparents and his feelings on the arrival of his baby sister, Princess Charlotte. His diary entry for the day he visited newborn Princess Charlotte in hospital in London refers to long consultations with his ‘press team’: “I thought a headshot of Daddy and me would be better, so I made him carry me”. This one’s a real hoot!

Enjoy, Sloanies. Let’s make 2016 a year of enriching reads! Got a great book recommendation? Drop us a comment below!

  • Meg

    The Prince George Diaries look like a fun romp…will be checking that out (have read the others, both great in their own very different ways.) Happy New Year!