Throw an Oscar Home Viewing Party

Each and every year Hollywood rolls out the red carpet to celebrate its stars and their award worthy performances. This year, the 88th Academy Awards (The Oscars) will be broadcasted live on ABC on February 28th at 8pm e/4pm pacific time and will be hosted by Chris Rock. For a complete listing of actors/actresses and films nominated click, HERE.

While stars and their dates will be dressed in their finest gowns and jewels–we’ll be taking it all in from the comfort of our homes. Who says that celebrities get to have all the fun? On Oscar night, the stars will wait nervously in their chairs to hear their names called. We, on the other hand, will be celebrating Oscar gold from our livings rooms. That’s right, Sloanie is throwing a 2016 Oscar Viewing Party and it’s bound to be fabulous. Don’t worry, we’ve got a golden list of party essentials to host your own Oscar viewing party.

A list of the nominated movies: Creating a display or table setting that incorporates a few (if not all) of this year’s nominated films is one way to bring Hollywood into your home for you and your guests. The blog, Lou What Wear has a fabulous Oscar Party planner for all to view. Incorporating a black and gold color scheme is one easy way to celebrate the cinema magic. Having your guest’s place cards depict the nominated movies is a way to include all the nominees into your party. If you decide to forego the place card idea and do something more casual, creating a movie poster to hang on the wall or place on a stand with this year’s celebrated films is another alternative. You know what they say in show business, it’s an honor to be nominated.

Popcorn: What is a movie without popcorn? The same can be said for an Oscar party without popcorn. Popcorn is a must for your award viewing party. Throw out the idea of the microwave popcorn and go for something a little more fancy. It is the Oscars after all! We love the idea of making white chocolate sprinkled covered popcorn! Or to satisfy the savory tongue, a garlic butter and herb flavored popcorn treat. Yes, popcorn is a film viewing staple, but making champagne filled cupcakes (easier than you think) is another way to up the glamour. Like we said, it’s the Oscars–go big or go home!

Decorations: When prepping for your Oscar party, the decor is a big part of the event. With gold being the winning color, you’ll probably want that to be a large part of your color scheme. Whether you choose to go with an old school Hollywood glam vibe or a more contemporary pink and gold scheme remember little touches can make all of the difference. To accent your tables, you can take ken dolls and spray paint them gold and adhere them to a black painted wood block. Gold star paper banners, balloons, and black table cloths are other ways to incorporate a glitzy vibe. Lighting, candles, and sprinkling glitter and confetti on the table tops are other ways to set the award-winning mood. If you want to get extra fancy, you can create a makeshift red carpet with cameras and photo booth props ready to capture your guests as they walk through the door. Capturing the night with pictures will be the most memorable  moments for you and your guests. Cell phones and digital cameras are all options, but if you want print-ready photos use a Instax Mini camera.

Games: Watching the actual red carpet and award show is the bulk of the entertainment for your party , but you’ll have to have a few Hollywood inspired games up your ballgown too. Printing out ballots for your friends to fill out is one activity. Have a prize ready (popcorn balls or those golden ken dolls) at the end of the evening for the guest who guessed the most amount of the evening’s winners. You can also have games of charades that will have your guests acting out scenes from the nominated films. Perfect entertainment during the long commercial breaks!

Impressed? We are and we are so ready to celebrate with Oscar–you know, from our couch. Good luck to this year’s nominees!